How Much CBD Oil Should I Take for Pain? Top 3 CBD Oils

Are you taking CBD for pain or thinking of starting CBD but don’t know how much you should take for pain? Those suffering from chronic pain swear up and down about the benefits of CBD, and with the CBD industry booming, it’s no longer a secret that cannabidiol helps thousands or even millions around the world. However, before you go running off to consume copious amounts of CBD oil for your pain with the best CBD oil for pain, you should read on.

Are There Factors That Affect How Much CBD I Should Take?

When you’re picking up prescription medication from your doctor, what’s one of the first things they consider? If your answer was “body weight,” then you are correct. An average dose of CBD oil might be perfect for one person or too much for another. There are too many variables to account for when figuring out how much CBD oil you should take for pain. Let’s take a closer look at some of the variables you need to consider when adjusting your CBD oil dosage.

Body Weight

The average dosage for CBD is around 30-40 mg. As mentioned before, how much you can tolerate will differ from person to person. There are no one-size-fits-all dosages for everybody. If your size and weight lean on the heavier end, then you’ll want to start at a smaller dosage before working your way up. Those on the smaller end of the size and weight spectrum may be perfectly okay taking the smallest dosage. When it comes to self-dosing yourself with CBD, especially for pain, you don’t want to go heavy right away.

How Much Concentration Is In The Oil

When looking into CBD oil, one of the main things you want to pay attention to is the oil’s potency. CBD oil is made up of cannabidiol and carrier oil, making a CBD product differ in strength and concentration. That means you could look at two different CBD oils, both inside a 15-milliliter bottle, but that doesn’t mean they share the same oil concentration. Even if they’re in the same-sized bottles, one could be twice as weaker as the other. Some of the best CBD companies are transparent with their potency. That’s why it’s essential to look into how much concentration of oil is in a product before taking it for pain.

What You’re Treating

Pain comes in all shapes and sizes, and everyone experiences pain differently. In the pharmaceutical world, one person’s pain may only need a small dosage of medicine, while another person suffers from debilitating pain that needs a higher dosage. You apply this same logic when taking CBD. For example, if you’re taking CBD for slight back discomfort or low-grade arthritis, you’ll want to start with a smaller dosage as that may be enough to treat your condition.

Unfortunately, there are those who suffer more severe pain, from nerve pain to cancer pain. If you have higher-grade pain, you’ll want to look into a higher dose of CBD oil. Keep in mind; it could take some time to notice improvement. That’s why you want to refer to the best CBD for pain to get an idea of how CBD affects different people. Some may experience CBD oil benefits right away, while others could take weeks to notice any improvement. However you may try CBD for nerve pain or any other problems. But you need to be patient as it could take some time to heal. It’s important not to give up if you don’t experience immediate results.

Now that you know the different factors that go into assessing how much CBD you should take for pain, let’s look at the top 3 CBD oils.

Royal CBD

Royal CBD offers a range of CBD products, from CBD oils to CBD topicals. You can even find CBD for your pets. Royal CBD is unique in the way they extract their CBD using a supercritical CO2 extraction. This extraction method ensures you’re receiving the active ingredients without any toxic chemicals such as hexane or butane. What makes Royal CBD great for pain is its selection of high-potency oils. Their selection of oils ensures you’re getting exactly what you need for almost any level of pain.

Gold Bee

If you’re looking for some of the purest CBD-rich oil possible, then look no further than Gold Bee Premium CBD Oil. Their oil uses the same extraction method as Royal CBD in the way they pull the ingredients you need for potent and beneficial oil without any of the harmful compounds. If you’re looking for premium-grade hemp from organic farms without the use of toxic chemicals, then check out Gold Bee today.

Area 52

Area 52 offers products from gummies to tinctures. Area 52’s full-spectrum CBD oil is perfect for new CBD users who want to see how CBD can improve their lives. Area 52 follows the same mantra as Royal CBD and Gold Bee in the way they want you to experience the pure benefits of CBD without any harmful ingredients. It’s time to experience the difference Area 52 provides with CBD.

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