How Modern Business Benefits from IT Staff Augmentation?

IT Staff Augmentation

As the name suggests, staff augmentation allows organisations of all sizes to extend the team with skilled professionals having unique skills. Since team augmentation is great for any project, it allows high flexibility and accessibility for every organisation looking for boosted software development.

In this challenging and highly competitive market, businesses don’t want to focus on unnecessary spending and time-consuming processes just to find experts. In addition, every company wants to get the best specialists to the team to achieve better results and attract more customers, getting a competitive advantage. As a result, staff augmentation has become a go-to strategy and is widespread among successful businesses worldwide.

Since the tech market understands the needs of modern businesses, IT staff augmentation services are available in different forms and are highly adjustable to the organisation’s needs, ranging from increased workforce on-site to remote experts. Thanks to the range of benefits, companies all across the world prefer them over other cooperation models. Let’s explore why in more detail.

What does Team Augmentation Means?

First of all, we need to learn what team augmentation means. This is one of the most popular development cooperation models in 2022. This model allows companies to hire remote professionals to extend their teams, develop a feature or even create the entire development team from scratch within a week.

The thing about team augmentation is that providers offer a vast range of experts specialised in many industries. The talent pool is vast and makes it incredibly easy for organisations to hire specialists with no hassle associated with full-time employees. Augmented employees are hired on a contract basis.

Benefits of Team Augmentation


Traditional staffing methods like creating in-house teams are quite rigid and inflexible. However, it is now more than ever crucial for companies to stay flexible and be able to adjust to any changes. This allows companies to better manage their finances and achieve higher results from investments. Whenever a shift happens, organisations need the ability to stay strong and efficient. If not, it often leads to harsh reactions like letting go of much of its workforce.

As a result, staff augmentation is an excellent solution which is flexible in nature. This makes this model a great choice for organisations that experience regular shifts in demand. When your team faces issues that can’t be solved internally, hiring remote experts can scale up to meet specific standards.

Team augmentation allows companies to scale much faster, which isn’t available with hiring full-time employees. The temporary basis of augmented teams allows for that flexibility and makes it easy for organisations to deal with any issues they may face during the process. It also allows businesses to scale up without wasting time on recruitment and save money that can be later invested in more valuable things.

Highly Skilled & Short Term

Let’s imagine that you already have a team of developers in place that are responsible for one project. However, you found out that you need one more project to achieve your goal, but it won’t take as much time as the first one. You have three options – create the team from scratch, hire freelancers and an augmented team for a short time.

The second option will cost thousands while creating an in-house team takes months to find at least one skilled developer with the needed skills. As a result, hiring an experienced augmentation team, like Deazy, is the most efficient option, allowing you to find the entire team within 5-10 business days and kick off the project as soon as possible.

Talent Pool

Since every company now wants the best specialists in the field, companies may find it tough to find certain specialists. Team augmentation offers a vast talent pool; filled with experts in various industries and skills, making it easy for you to find the best talents. Whether you need someone experienced in a unique niche or who has specific skills, you will find it possible for an augmented team.

Cuts in Operating Costs

Staff augmentation provides a company with quality services on a contract basis with no long-term commitments or recruitment. In addition, augmented employees don’t need any benefits like full-time ones, so you reduce costs on insurance, paying for vacations and so on.

Higher Efficiency

One of the biggest issues among modern businesses is fixed costs. Since team augmentation is not permanent, it allows companies to hire and fire developers at any given moment, adjusting the budget to urgent needs. This brings higher business efficiency.

Better Management

In contrast to outsourcing, staff augmentation allows you to manage employees or a team you hire, just like with full-time employees. This also helps you improve the development results since you are in charge. While you can also hire a project manager through staff augmentation, the choice is up to you.

Save on Time

When you hire full-time employees, you will need months to find them and get them on board. Team augmentation allows you to find specialists within one or two weeks, making it quick to start the process. In addition, your new employees are already experts in the field, so onboarding should also be easy and quick.


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