GrapheneFx Review – Legit or Scam?


It is vital to evaluate a broker’s performance and to check their reviews before trading with them. In this review, GrapheneFx is discussed in detail. The headquarter of the broker is in the United Kingdom, but it also has offices in Australia. It is regarded as a trusted and honest broker by three regulatory authorities: the ASIC, NFA, and the FSA.

The Broker’s Regulation

GrapheneFx is supervised by the ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission). As this provides several benefits to both the broker as well as the clients who use it, it requires authorization from the world’s leading financial regulatory agency. GrapheneFx is registered with the National Futures Association (NFA). The NFA, which was founded in the US, is one of the most well-known financial organizations, assuring that all of its members comply with regulatory requirements.

Furthermore, GrapheneFx is regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The Financial Services Authority was established as a regulatory body with the mission of regulating certain financial enterprises, such as businesses in the finance sector, and delivering for regulated issues.

Types of Accounts

The broker has 4 different account options on its platform. These accounts have different features and fees, however, they are all accessible to a wide spectrum of users. All account types have unique privileges and advantages.

Normal account: The normal account appears to be pretty reasonable in terms of pricing and features.

  • A minimum deposit of 100 dollars is required.
  • Pip values on sale begin at 0.4.
  • A fee of $6 is required for each lot.

Prime Account: The minimum deposit is around 1500 dollars or more.

  • When compared to the first one, which is exceptionally low, the pip value is roughly 0.4.
  • The commission for every lot is set at 4 dollars.
  • A second charge is taken based on the sum in the trader’s account; for instance, if the balance is 100,000 dollars, a 5 dollar charge is made prior to the market opening, and a 10 dollar charge is made right before it closes.

G-Plus: Many choose G-Plus over the latter since it has reduced commission rates.

  • To start an account, a minimum deposit of 3000 dollars or equivalent of the amount in a different currency is required.
  • The pip values are comparable to those of the Prime Account, ranging from 0.1 to 0.3. 

The ECN Account: Many renowned and reputable Forex Brokers often provide this account type. It rivals with a number of different Forex Brokers, but it has the capacity to exceed them. 

  • This account takes a 10,000 dollar minimum deposit.
  • There is no commission charged on any of the lots.


The broker doesn’t impose any additional fees when customers are buying and selling. Users can feel secure in the knowledge that all of their investments are secure and safe without paying additional fees.

There aren’t any withdrawal fees to think about, and there aren’t any inactivity fees also, giving the user greater freedom, as well as the assurance that they won’t have to pay any further to maintain their account alive and resume trading.


Customers can immediately start trading on the conventional Mt4 and Mt5 platforms. The broker’s WebTrader is another option for users searching for certain pre-requisite instruments.

Graphene Fx offers a wide range of trading alternatives, as well as 40 chart and graph features, market trends, and news. The notification tool is unquestionably one of the best tools in the market; customers can configure their alerts to almost anything, like small highs and lows in the market on a single watchlist, big changes in the live stream, and the accessibility of alternative currencies or indices. The MetaTrader platform includes all of the necessary trading tools and also a live market feed, watchlists, and alerts. 


The instructional materials created by the broker can be used by anyone. These materials include FX Video Courses, Youtube Tutorials, Zoom FX, and Special Courses. Depending on their trading expertise and account type, traders may gain access to all of this data.

They not only assist people in opening accounts, but they also offer guidance on a wide range of topics. Graphene Fx goes to great efforts to guarantee that the user’s money is safe and that they may take full advantage of the greatest deals available during trading hours. They stress their dedication to providing clients with the greatest atmosphere in which to learn and improve as traders by emphasizing trading ideas, fundamental understanding of trading and contracts, spread, and also how leverage may be helpful both in the near and distant future.

Sponsorship and Foundations

GrapheneFx announced that they wanted to support foundations and projects to raise awareness in different fields. In fact, their slogan, “Future, Together.”, covers this as well. They aim to support these foundations more day by day with their customers. They currently support as follows:

Udinese Esports: GrapheneFx is the official sponsor of Udinese Calcio Esports, a successful Italian esports team. It is a team that progresses by learning many things from the past and is also open to innovations with its young talents.

Chloe Tryon: Chloe Tryon is a successful cricket player.  She became the first and only woman cricketer to take a wicket with the first ball of her career in WT201 history. She currently plays for London Spirit, a famous cricket team based in the UK.

MicroLoan: Every year, they provide mentoring, training, and small loans to women from rural areas of sub-Saharan Africa to own their businesses. GrapheneFx supports this project so that people in the community can have a brighter future and give them the opportunity to start projects they want.

Develop Africa: Develop Africa aims to develop the next generation of African leaders by focusing on the education and innovation side of the development to strategically develop Africa. GrapheneFx cooperates with this foundation to provide education, vocational and leadership training, and many training works in technological fields to children who do not have sufficient and higher education opportunities.

Charity: Water: A non-profit organization that works with local partners to do things like drill boreholes, install filters, and more to help people in developing countries get safe and clean drinking water.

Ripple Africa: Every year afforestation works to combat deforestation in the Africa city of Malawi. In addition, they are working to offset the carbon emissions through fuel-efficient quarries that help reduce the pressure on existing forests. 


An indicator of the quality of the work of brokers can also be the awards they receive. When we look at the awards of GrapheneFx, we see that they have been receiving awards since 2018. Awards received by GrapheneFx are as follows:

  • World FX Awards: Fastest Growing Forex Broker – 2018
  • International Forex Awards: Best Forex Customer Service – 2020
  • Global Fintech Awards: Most Trusted Forex Brokers in Asia – 2020
  • Global Business Review Magazine: Best Forex Broker South Africa – 2021
  • Global Business Review Magazine: Best Forex Trading Conditions Asia – 2021


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