Gold Mining Guide in WoW

Gold Mining Guide in Wow

Today we would like to tell you more about the monetary system of the WoW world, since it also operates according to certain principles of economy, though in-game. Gold in WoW’s economy is very similar to real money. This is what keeps the game’s economy alive, as well as the players’ wallets. Just like real money, gold in WoW has its own level of inflation, and almost all trading operations in the game are based on it. 

The player receives gold in WoW from non-player characters, both friendly (NPS) and hostile (Mobs). Each player in the world of WoW plays the role of a kind of hero-winner, who is given tasks by NOP to destroy all sorts of enemies or other requests. For completing these requests the player receives a certain amount of game currency, which varies depending on the complexity of the mission. Game gold is also received when killing mobs, as well as other things. Received in the course of the game gold is either spent directly in the game (to buy items, means of transportation, potions, etc.) or is spent at the auction in order to purchase approximately the same items and other players.

The Economics basics of the WoW

The basic financial system of WoW is that players make money, some money is taken out of the system when they trade, and some money stays, which helps reduce inflation. If there is nothing wrong with this system, the older the server gets, the greater the rate of inflation is. Certainly, attracting gold traders also makes adjustments to the server’s financial system. Inflation and different prices for the same goods make the server seem a bit like a separate country.

The key principles of earning gold

Now that you already know how the game’s economy works, it is worth turning straight to the ways of earning and spending gold in WoW. Gold is generated in four different ways: gathering professions, killing mobs in order to obtain loot, trading on the auction, and daily tasks. 

  • Gathering and professions

Concerning professions, it should be reminded that they can be gathering and crafting. It is generally accepted that it is most profitable to have one gathering and one corresponding crafting. For example, mining and jewelry making, herbalism and alchemy. In an hour or two of the game you can collect a certain amount of resources, make some precious finished items out of them, and put them up for auction. This is the most common and easiest way. Providing yourself with resources, you do not buy anything at auction, while constantly receiving income from the finished product of your crafting profession. More tricky way of earning gold is to have two crafting professions. However, you will have to explore the market of your profession, find out the most expensive products, perhaps unique.

  • Killing Mobs

This method is not as effective as the previous one. Certain mobs are necessary to complete some quests, while others bring rare pets or useful items. Every server’s case is different. Go to an auction and look for items that are in high demand, with little supply and easy to obtain. This is a fairly easy method to earn gold, but at this time of huge profits as it used to bring no more. 

  • Daily Assignments

You can complete a total of 25 daily quests per day. If you haven’t reached level 80 yet, you can start on the quests in the Plateau of the Solar Well. Once you reach level 80, you should switch to the daily quests of the right fractions, and later on to the Silver Tournament quests. Alternatively, you can take up simple quests that you haven’t completed for various reasons. Taking into account the rewards, they can bring you about 20 gold income per quest. 

However, as is often the case, not all users of the game have enough time to devote it to earning gold. There is no need to worry about this, since thanks to the boosting servers you can easily acquire it. One can buy WoW gold just in a few minutes in order to enhance your characters or acquire useful skills. The most essential point is that such services are absolutely safe and won’t damage your account, but only help you.

  •  Trading at the auction

For most players, performing daily quests and collecting is enough to make a steady income, but if you want to earn huge sums and are willing to take risks, then the auction comes in handy. Here you can earn many thousands of gold, but you can also lose everything by investing poorly. An auction can be compared to a stock exchange in real life. The main thing in an auction is to start by finding a product that is in stable demand, such as items needed to perform missions and sell it at a comparable price. 

Now that you know how the economy works in the world of Warcraft and what you can earn gold from, you’ll be able to make more income during the game and improve your character. Wishing you luck!


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