Give a Boost to Your Ad Campaign with Geo-Fencing 

A successful ad campaign consists of two major parts – great creativity and its proper delivery. Both of these components cannot be carried out without precise targeting. Indeed, even the best campaigns will hardly make headway without it. What is more, you won’t be able to create engaging content without knowing everything about your potential buyers, their wants, and needs. To target an audience more efficiently, marketers stick to such data as customers’ gender, age, location, Internet activity, and more. Even with a great variety of settings, geofencing will help you build your audience more precisely.

One should distinguish between geo-fencing and geo-targeting. Targeting allows you to pinpoint the right audience based on their geographic locations and deliver relevant ad messages. Fencing is different – this technology allows sending personalized messages to clients who enter a predefined location or specific geographic area. For example, when your customers are passing your shop by, you may send an SMS and inform them about current discounts. We bet, they won’t miss a chance to join the party. 


What is Geo-Fencing and How Does it Work?

Geo-fencing uses Wi-Fi and GPS to track the location of your potential or existing customers. When he/she enters or leaves a particular area, the message is sent to his/her mobile device. These might be SMS, push-notifications, alerts, ads on social media, etc. Marketers use this technology to trigger certain actions and inform people about current offers. Coupons, engagement features, and other alerts are widely used by businesses to break the virtual limits and communicate with clients creatively. 

How does it work in practice? Developers or admins use geo-fencing software to set digital boundaries around the required locations. When an authorized device enters this area, geo-fence will trigger a response in the form of a message. In most cases, users need mobile applications to receive notifications. Geo-fencing is managed by an app provider and users can choose whether they want to receive messages or not.  

Geo-fencing is used in different spheres of social life – public events, human resources, security, telematics, etc. On-demand services like Uber or food delivery use geofencing to inform customers about their orders. Advanced factories use this technology to turn the alarm on when workers move too close to hazardous areas. As to businesses, geo-fencing is perfect for promotional needs. When potential customers step in a range of the store (or competitor’s store), they receive promotional messages and alerts. Marketers target specific ads and audiences to understand which methods work better considering users location. 


Geo-Fencing for CTV Сampaigns

CTV/OTT advertising is one of the most prominent ways of marketing goods today. Geo ad targeting works perfectly here – while video content is delivered across all types of devices, marketers can reach their audience by targeting households within a specific city area. One can deliver tailored ad messages considering customers’ needs and with geo-fencing – their current geo-position. Geo-fencing not only informs but triggers an immediate action – namely, purchase or visit. 

Marketers reach clients with online ads on laptops, smartphones, tablets with targeting based on home or street address. You can use geo-fencing for a standalone CTV campaign or  as an add-on to your existing strategy that may also include personalized emails, social media ads, etc. When used in a CTV campaign, geo-fencing can improve the frequency of promotions, reach better precision, and determine traffic to evaluate your efforts. Addressable geofencing allows broad advertising reach to CTV devices within a particular area – be it a house, office, or any other building. In doing so, marketers target audiences with precise demographics and reach new clients that live/stay nearby.  



Today, geofencing is the best location-based ad tactic used for digital marketing. Being pretty complicated but extremely efficient and advanced, geo-fencing puts you ahead of the competition. When you ignore it, you really miss a big piece of pie! If you run a CTV campaign, there is no doubt that addressable fencing that covers your perfect demographic will bring your business results to a whole new level. Consider this technology as a part of your campaign – it is the latest trend and a real win-win!


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