Encouraging the Business Leaders of Tomorrow

The world of business never stands still, even in the toughest of circumstances, and it is for that reason why we should never lose sight of how important it is to encourage tomorrow’s leaders to take their opportunities today. Students of all backgrounds have the world at their feet with the potential to mould the world as they see fit but, without a small nudge in the right direction, the world might miss out on the Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Mary Barra of the next generation.

A drive and hunger for success are traits that all top businessmen and women possess, as well as a stubbornness that means they continually get back up and dust themselves down no matter how many times they fail. Even if entrepreneurship is not in their future, it is up to business leaders to ensure that the companies that they own and run recognise talent and potential when they see it.

Of course, while a helping hand goes a long way, those looking for support must be willing to go out of their way to earn it.



As any young adult learns, no matter what industry they are trying to break into, experience is the golden ticket. There can be a vicious cycle feeling as though you cannot get a job without having any experience, with the only way you can get that experience is to get the job in the first place. That is where work experience and internship opportunities come in handy, both for the candidate and the business offering them.

For those looking to add to their resume, the doors that the experience opens can be endless. Not only that, but it also looks highly impressive on any application form and demonstrates an eagerness that business owners are looking for in their future team leaders.

From the perspective of the business offering such a placement, the clear advantage is having a potentially bright, but raw, talent that can be moulded and shaped to suit the business. Although not officially, all placements can – and should – be treated like an interview. If a young man or woman impresses during their time, it only makes sense to consider prolonging their time and bringing them in as a permanent fixture.



Just as experience is important so, too, is education. While many things can only be learned on the job, as it were, a good education sets you up in life. Having attended a highly regarded university shows a dedication that gives you a head start in life.

If you, or someone that you know, is coming to the point where they are considering their university options, especially if they aspire to attend either Cambridge or Oxford, they will need to go above and beyond on their application. When it comes to considering applications for Oxbridge, admissions tutors are looking for an application and supporting statement that demonstrates they are the type of student they want to represent the university. Work experience placements certainly help the cause.


Asking the Right Questions

Feeding off the experience and expertise of some of the best in the business is priceless. Those that aspire to make waves in the business world should be encouraged to network and meet with successful businessmen and women and learn from successes but, more importantly, their failures.

Learning from the best can help to form good habits that can be taken into all aspects of life. While their own career pathway will likely differ greatly from those they talk to, finding their own way and learning their own lessons will do more for them than having anything handed to them ever will.

If you are the owner of a business, big or small, the importance of investing in young people should never be overlooked. One day, they will be leading the way.


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