Elite Trader Funding Promo Code

Elite Trader Funding Promo Code

Welcome to your trading future! Elite Trader Funding is offering an exclusive 65% discount for new members. Just enter promo code ETF4EVER to unlock your potential as a trader.

Elite Trader Funding provides the freedom and flexibility most traders only dream of. You can trade as you like with limited restrictions. No more battling unreasonable margin calls or illiquid markets. Trade stocks, futures, forex, options – whatever you want. As long as you trade profitably, the world is your oyster.

This is your chance to showcase your trading talents on a bigger stage. Elite Trader Funding gives you an opportunity to trade higher tiers in buying power. Impress them with solid skills and consistent profits, and you could earn a funded trading account. For life. Not a bad deal, right?

The learning never stops in this business. That’s why Elite Trader Funding created its unique Evaluation and Education process. Sharpen your skills through their courses and earn while you learn. You’ll get guidance from experienced mentors dedicated to seeing you succeed.

Start your Elite Trader Funding journey today. Enter promo code ETF4EVER and save 65% on their services. The opportunity of a lifetime is waiting. Seize it! Here is a comprehensive Elite Trader Funding review for you to understand what you are getting into

What Is Elite Trader Funding?

Elite Trader Funding allows aspiring traders to prove themselves in a simulated trading environment. You’ll receive funding to trade live markets if you can demonstrate consistent profitability.

As a prop firm, Elite Trader Funding supplies capital to traders in exchange for a percentage of profits. The platform offers flexible conditions to trade whenever markets are open or news breaks. The focus is on your ability to generate returns, not restrictive rules.

First, open a trading account with an Elite Trader Funding promo code. You’ll receive virtual funds to trade stocks, forex, futures, and options. Trade as often as you like to build your track record. You’ll qualify for a funded account once you achieve profit targets over a minimum period.

You’ll trade with real capital in live markets during market or extended hours with a funded account. Profits are split between you and Elite Trader Funding. They cover losses, so your risk is limited to the opportunity cost.

If you have the skills to trade professionally, Elite Trader Funding provides the means to make it happen. Their model allows talented traders to build wealth through trading without needing significant upfront capital. It’s an attractive path for aspiring traders looking to enter the industry.

How Does Elite Trader Funding Work?

Once you’ve chosen an evaluation plan that suits your trading style and account size, it’s time to put your skills to the test. Elite Trader Funding has a straightforward process for qualifying for their funding program.

How the Evaluation Works

Elite Trader Funding provides a demo account with your selected capital amount, say $50,000. You have a fixed number of trading days, typically 10-30 days, to meet their profit target, for example, 10% or $5,000 on a $50K account.

  • Trade as you normally would, following your proven strategy. Elite Trader Funding allows most instruments like stocks, forex, crypto, and commodities.
  • Your max drawdown, the most you can lose from your initial balance, will also be specified based on your evaluation plan. Stay within that limit.
  • You’ve qualified for funding once you achieve the profit target within the maximum trading days and drawdown! Elite Trader Funding will now provide you with a real money account to trade.

The key is to show you can trade profitably and manage risk. Do that, and you’ll be on your way to trading with Elite Trader Funding’s capital.

An appealing part of their model is you keep 80% of the profits while they take 20% as compensation. And if you don’t qualify this time, you can pay $75 for another shot at evaluation. With practice and persistence, you’ll be funded and trading for real in no time!

Elite Trader Funding Key Features

Elite Trader Funding is geared toward the trader’s success. They provide retail traders a platform to showcase their trading skills and access capital if they perform well. Here are some of Elite Trader Funding’s key features.

Evaluation Types

Elite Trader Funding offers various evaluation types based on different account sizes. Each evaluation type has unique parameters like profit targets and drawdown limits.

For example, their Starter account requires a $12,500 profit target with a 10% max drawdown. Their Standard account has a $25,000 profit target and a 15% max drawdown. Higher account types have bigger profit targets and looser drawdown limits.

Profit Split

After the first $12,500 in profits, traders keep 80% of all profits. This generous profit split is one of the best in the industry and rewards traders well for their skills and performance.

Flexible Trading Conditions

Elite Trader Funding offers one of the most flexible trading conditions available. Traders can trade their preferred markets at times, including during news events. There are no restrictions on strategies or time frames. As long as traders stay within the parameters of their evaluation type, they have full flexibility and control over their trade.

Trader-Centric Approach

Elite Trader Funding is geared toward the trader’s success. Their trader-centric approach allows retail traders to showcase their trading talents and be rewarded for their skills and performance. For serious traders looking to take their trading to the next level, Elite Trader Funding could be an excellent choice.

Who is Elite Trader Funding Best For?

So, who exactly is Elite Trader Funding best suited for? There are a few types of traders that can benefit most from their program. These include:

Novice Traders

If you’re starting trading, Elite Trader Funding is a great way to gain real-world experience without risking your capital. You can learn the ropes and hone your skills under the guidance of their experienced team before trading with your own money.

Experienced Traders

For seasoned traders, Elite Trader Funding offers some appealing perks. Their 80/20 profit split is very competitive, allowing you to keep more of your profits. You can also take advantage of larger account sizes to increase your returns.

Flexible Traders

Elite Trader Funding could be ideal if you don’t like being tied to a fixed trading schedule. You can choose which hours you want to trade, whether a few hours a day or a few hours a week. You can fit trading around your schedule.

Swing and Day Traders

Elite Trader Funding’s model particularly suits short-term trading styles like swing trading and day trading. Their daily volatility and price changes provide lots of opportunities to get in and out of trades for quick profits.

Elite Trading Pros and Cons

Elite Trader Funding can be a great opportunity for new traders to gain market experience. However, you need to go in with realistic expectations about the difficulty level to achieve and maintain a funded account.

With diligent risk management and consistent profitability, Elite Trader Funding has the potential for excellent payouts. But there are no guarantees of success, and you could lose your funded account. On that note, here are some of Elite Trader Funding’s pros and cons based on online Elite Trader Funding reviews.


  • Diverse evaluation choices catering to various trading approaches.
  • Adaptable trading conditions without constraints on trading times.
  • Traders retain 80% of profits beyond the initial $12,500.
  • A monthly evaluation account reset is available in case of failure.


  • Novice traders might find it tough due to the daily loss limit and maximum drawdown regulations.
  • Meeting profit targets and required trading days is necessary to qualify for funding.

Overview of Elite Trader Funding and the 65% Off Promo

Elite Trader Funding (ETF) is a unique platform for aspiring traders seeking real-world experience and higher profit potential. Their trader-centric model offers evaluation options to suit your needs, generous profit splits, and the flexibility to trade how and when you want.

ETF is for traders of all skill levels. Whether you’re just starting and want to gain practical experience, seeking higher profit splits, or you’re an experienced trader looking for a platform without restrictions, ETF has you covered.

ETF’s commitment to transparency and trust means you always know where you stand, and your success is valued. Use promo code ETF4EVER to save 65% off your subscription and start your trading journey for less. This is an exciting chance to test ETF’s services at a major discount.

Whether you trade stocks, options, futures, or Forex, ETF has a place for you. Their flexible, trader-first model gives you the freedom and potential for success you need. Click here to get started on Elite Trader Funding and, use promo code ETF4EVER and save 65% on your ETF subscription today. Begin your trading journey and see why ETF is the platform of choice for many traders.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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