Digital Coupon Marketing Trends in Europe and the US

Digital Coupon Marketing

There’s no doubt that online shopping is at an all-time high, but how has the decade-long shift to online affected coupon marketing? In short, consumers in both the US and Europe are adapting digital coupons faster than businesses can keep up.

Is your company ready to take on digital coupon marketing in an effective way? Many companies don’t know how to efficiently attract their target customers with coupons online, and keeping up with the latest trends is difficult.

These digital coupon marketing trends will help your business go further as you incorporate the latest tactics.

Brand Apps For Increased Savings & Connections

One way that many companies expand their connection with their customer base is to increase their presence online. Through technological advances like creating a branded app, businesses find new and unique ways to entice their customers to keep coming back.

Those less familiar with how shopping has changed with technology may be surprised to know that more than 30% of US buyers have installed specific apps to use and find coupons such as eBay coupons.

By setting up a branded app that customers can use to get vital information about your company and coupons, you can expand how connected your customers are. Over time, this will build brand loyalty while also providing significant savings to your customers.

Site Coupons For First-Time Buyers

There’s no doubt that online shoppers like to use coupons: more than 50% of internet users use coupons found on the internet. Setting up your site with easily accessible coupons for new buyers is a great digital marketing strategy to capture their attention from the very beginning.

It can be hard to convince people to make their first purchase from your company, especially if they aren’t familiar with your values. After that first purchase, however, they are more likely to come back if they had a good experience.

Set your site up so new customers are offered a coupon for first-time buyers as they enter or exit the site. Setting the coupon to pop up and grab customer attention helps entice uncertain buyers, and you can expand your customer base through this simple marketing strategy.

Specialty Coupon Sites

Another smart way for shoppers to find coupons digitally is to look on coupon-specific sites. As online shopping grew over the last decade, specialized sites which bring many coupon codes together have popped up.

The best of these coupon websites set online shoppers up with multiple, working coupon options that they can easily apply to their own cart. Shoppers who use browsers to find coupons end up on these sites and make shopping decisions based on whether they can find a good coupon.

Ensuring that your company shows coupons on these websites is a great way to passively get coupons to customers that aren’t familiar with your brand.

Proximity-Triggered Coupons and Deals

On the internet today, modern digital coupon marketing can do much more than just share coupons to your customers through your websites and your email lists. Many apps and phones make it possible for you to target deals to your customers in real-time as they live their lives.

One digital marketing trend that is very popular today is using proximity-triggered coupons and deals. These deals work like this:

  1. The customer has the brand app or a similar coupon app on their mobile device.
  2. The customer comes within a certain distance of a specific location, such as a retail storefront.
  3. The app sends a deal directly to their phone.
  4. The deal can be for in-store or online shopping; it can be used at that moment or at a later time.

This type of technology allows digital marketers to learn about customer habits to apply that knowledge to coupon marketing. Coupon offerings that are tailored to match your customer base’s patterns in specific ways will show better results. In the end, that should be your priority when setting up digital marketing strategies.

Incorporating AI Updates

Finally, technology is at a point where businesses like yours can work to incorporate the best of AI technology to make your coupons more effective. Does that sound completely out of your budget? Don’t worry; it’s not.

Modern shopping sites, coupon companies, and online marketing software options allow you to make the most of the way that your customers shop. For example, you can set your website to send reminder coupons to customers that leave something in their cart without checking out.

There are a few major areas companies that use AI technology for digital coupons see improvements in:

  • Brand loyalty
  • Providing coupons for long-term as well as new customers
  • Interaction with customers
  • Giving customers coupons they actually want

This AI technology improves the way that customers can interact with your products. As marketers, missing out on this adaptive technology is missing out on sales. Integrating this type of technology is sure to see a massive return on investment, and there are many tools to make it easier than ever before.


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