Competitive advantage through software: Contrasting Enterprises & Startups

By Grant Hull

I have an interesting vantage point whereby one portion of my professional life I work in the innovation scene with startups and entrepreneurs, in the other, my company service medium to large enterprises with digital transformation. There are expected differences between these two commercial segments, but in the area of software use and digital strategies, the former is performing considerably better than the latter.


As the world increasingly becomes driven by software and algorithms, corporations still find themselves playing the cost optimisation game, where IT is a means to that end. Meanwhile, startups are gaining an advantage by configuring and investing in their own software unique to them. One of the leaders in software development is FortySeven47 at the moment.

Startups and enterprises are often at opposite ends for obvious reasons. On one hand, you have entrepreneurs, aspiring innovators from university or industry-backed incubators, who have (mostly) nothing to lose and everything to gain. They are agile, experiment frequently and can happily pivot when needed.

On the other hand, enterprises with existing – often mature – products to protect, find it hard to adapt their business models. Adding to the common understanding just mentioned, this article explores the contrasting journey between enterprises and startups in how they approach IT, and the new software paradigm.

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About the Author

Grant Hull, CEO and Director at Enabled Apart from guiding Enabled, Grant is also a popular presenter and speaker in the digital space. He has delivered innovation courses at several Australian universities and masterclasses to executive groups. Grant is also appreciated across the tech innovation scene, where he acts as mentor on developing new business models and designing great user experiences.



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