CBD Marketing: 3 creative ways to promote your CBD brand 

CBD is undoubtedly one of the hottest and most profitable products categories in the industry. Famous CBD brands are spinning up everything from tinctures, capsules, edibles, pet shop products, and full product lines dedicated to the additive known to relieve anxiety and pain.

Despite being the fastest -growing trend in consumer goods, major digital advertising channels like Instagram, Facebook, and Amazon came up with an extended list of restrictions for paid ads. These brands are distinguishing themselves through valuable organic content supported through smart SEO strategies, interactive websites, attractive branding, user-generated social content, and earned media. While successful, renowned channels are becoming saturated and brands are overlooking the growth-rushing power of paid acquisition, leaving the CBD industry wonder -where is the best place to advertise your CBD brand?

While one of the best options to market your CBD is via agencies with expertise that are constantly developing creative and top-notch strategies, this does not mean you can’t attempt to advertise your CBD brand by yourself despite the limitations you face on major platforms.


What is CBD?

Cannabidiol or CBD is the non-psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant which doesn’t share the same attributes as THC, the psychoactive compound known for getting you high, or giving you the munchies. Cannabidiol or CBD, as it is commonly known, can be extracted from either the marijuana or hemp plants. A wide range of products featured in CBD advertising strategies are extracted from industrial hemp. When marketing CBD we rely on two main product sectors:

  • Food grade and
  • Therapeutic grade

According to a report by MarketWatch, therapeutic grade CBD represents the vast majority of market share, with this segment accounting for 59.90% of the market in 2018.

1. Influencer marketing

Influencers, people with large followings on social media platforms can do more than you imagine for your CBD brand if you choose one properly. But how to find a reliable person to promote my brand? Organic CBD Nugs, an experienced CBD supplier, said that key in finding the right influencer is to seek those influencers with a niche audience who is interested in your products. That usually means going to for smaller influencers as larger influencers typically have a larger audience with less engagement.

Choosing influencer marketing in your CBD advertising may work wonders for your brand’s credibility through public and personal reviews. Moreover, influencing marketing can also enable you to share fresh content anytime, improve your SEO rankings, and boost up sales. If you are not convinced yet, check a few statistics on the power of using influencers in your CBD marketing strategy:

  • 74% of people are using social media for guidance when it comes to purchasing decisions.
  • 55% of millennials moms (age 23 to 38) say that others often ask for their opinions
  • 49% of consumers rely on influencers for a recommendation
  • 40% of people purchase something they either see on Instagram, YouTube, or Facebook

When you pick an influencer to support your brand, you should send them a free sample and valuable information in exchange for them sharing the information and their opinions along with their flower.

2. Affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing? The process by which a certain affiliate earns a commission for marketing another person’s company’s products. How does it work? The affiliate has to look for a product they enjoy, then promote the product in order to earn a piece of the profit for each sale they make.

Because the affiliate marketing works by sharing the responsibilities of product marketing and development across parties, it succeeds in influencing the abilities of a wide range of individuals for a more efficient marketing strategy while providing contributors with a part of the profit. In the affiliate market, only three different parties must be involved:

1.Seller and products creators

The CBD brand or the seller does not really need to be actively involved in marketing. However, they may work as the advertiser and gain profit from the revenue shares associated with affiliate marketing as well.

2.The affiliate or publisher

Commonly known as the publisher, affiliate marketing can either be a company or an individual that knows how to market your brand in the most appealing way. Simply put, the publisher must sort out the best strategies to convince the public that your products are valuable or beneficial to them and persuade them to purchase the products. When the consumer does end up purchasing your CBD products, the affiliate receives a share of the revenue made.

3.The consumer

The consumers are the main drivers of affiliate marketing as the affiliate shares the products with them on various social media platforms.

Whenever someone buys a product, both the affiliate and the seller share the profits. Sometimes, the affiliate chooses to be upfront with the consumer by revealing that they may receive a commission for the number of sales they make.  

3. Native advertising

This type of advertising is referred to as a digital type of ad that doesn’t interfere with the user experience. In this case, ads are embedded in the content or, in many cases, are the content.

Usually, this type of marketing strategy spins around placing sponsored content on third-party websites.

As we previously mentioned, native platforms normally have restrictions on the type of content that is able to be promoted. Fortunately, there are strategies intended to navigate the restrictions of many native platforms. For example, by sharing sponsored content into a publication like Forbes, which has more than millions of monthly active users, you can influence the level of their audience and grow awareness of your CBD brand.  

Keep in mind that despite the hindering restrictions on traditional platforms such as Google or Facebook, you can make use of a wide range of alternatives available for those eager to promote their CBD brands. However, as the CBD space is booming, it is essential to get your ideas in line before unleashing your advertising strategy.  

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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