Can Insurance Protect Business Owners in a Personal Injury Case?

Personal Injury Case

You most likely pay for car insurance every month if you have a vehicle. It is a state requirement, and driving without one could land you in deep trouble with law enforcement. Before purchasing your car insurance, you must ensure that it protects you from personal injury.

Like most machines, cars could get into an accident. An automobile accident could result in you or another party making a claim, and that’s where suitable insurance comes into play. If you’re a business owner, here’s how your car insurance can protect you in a personal injury case.

What Does Personal Injury Protection Entail?

According to, when you have car insurance, you’re protected against personal injury. This cover helps cover a wide range of expenses, including lost wages, medical bills, and funeral costs after an auto accident. Your insurance will cover you regardless of who is at fault.

But you have to check with your insurer because this coverage differs from state to state. So, if your coverage protects you against a personal injury case, your insurance provider will have to pay the expenses in the claim. However, you’re only covered up to the policy limits.

Overall, here’s how your insurance will protect you.

1. Medical expenses

According to, apart from covering medical expenses for you and your passengers in the event of a car accident, this type of insurance may also assist in covering your health insurance deductible.

2. Work loss

If you’ve been injured in an accident and are unable to work, your insurance policy may be able to assist you. Additionally, you may be eligible for this benefit if you’re self-employed and need to hire temporary workers to complete tasks.

3. Funeral expenses 

According to, if death occurs after a car accident, your car insurance can work in your favor. Notably, it could help pay for all funeral expenses, including cremation and burial costs.

4. Survivors’ loss

Tragic car accidents often result in loss of life. But your car insurance can still work for you even when you pass away in such an accident. How so? Well, through survivors’ loss. Your policy could help replace your lost income, ensuring your surviving dependents benefit.

5. Essential services

In case of an accident, your car insurance could help cover some essential services. Usually, you’d otherwise perform these services if you weren’t injured in the accident. They include services such as house chores and childcare.

What Isn’t Covered in a Personal Injury Case?

Before purchasing your car insurance, you need to know that personal injury protection doesn’t cover everything. Notably, it doesn’t cover property damage or the other driver’s injuries during a collision. That means this coverage doesn’t cover car damage claims, even in states requiring your provider to offer personal injury protection.

Additionally, it doesn’t cover any injuries you get from an accident when committing something illegal, such as running from law enforcement officials. It also doesn’t cover the injuries in an accident while you got payment for driving.


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