Business Niches that Saw Exponential Growth in 2021


The pandemic forced humankind to persevere and look for options and possibilities in places they seemingly didn’t exist. As a result, plenty of business niches managed to grow exponentially during the first two years of this pandemic.

Naturally, the pandemic hasn’t meant good news for everyone, but one must acknowledge the fact that most niches that were previously thought to be much less useful in society, are now leading the markets throughout the world.

In the following lines, we’ll take a closer look at some business niches that one could say exploded during the second year of this global pandemic!


The great majority of the world, if we may say so, has moved into the online environment. People started having to work remotely and an increasing number of companies moved their marketing strategies online in their entirety.

Naturally, this popularity also gave birth to more hackers, as the protection of our workplaces’ servers was no longer there. Because of this, the cybersecurity industry had to stay sharp if it wanted to be the first choice of the people and companies that wanted to protect their data.

The money invested by businesses in cybersecurity helped the industry develop and ultimately provide viable security solutions to remote workers and companies.


Nowadays, in 2021, trading is on everybody’s minds. Thanks to Bitcoin and to the recent GameStop stock fiasco, more and more people have gotten into trading (not only crypto but also forex and stocks).

As a result, trading is no longer only popular among middle-aged men and women. Even teenagers are now able to make money via trading. Searching for a forex no deposit bonus broker and investing as little as $10 can round up a profit if you know enough or have some good luck.

At the same time, the growth of this business niche also popularized the less known types of trading, such as binary options and CFDs. This increased the total sum circulated daily within online trading and made this industry/niche one of the top in the world.


The pandemic also meant a lot of stress for almost everyone. Since not many want to become addicted to pills and medicine, they had to find a viable, healthy, and all-natural option instead.

Obviously, everyone’s mind went straight to cannabis or to its more legal counterpart, CBD. The result? In less than two years, CBD influencers and affiliate programs are becoming the norm.

Cannabis has infiltrated itself into mainstream business niches faster than anything else and, naturally, was able to reach much more than just a small following. 

The Bottom Line

These three, alongside niches such as online conferencing and personal protective equipment, have seen the biggest growth in 2021. But, in reality, they are just reaping the rewards of the changes that occurred in 2020, at the start of the pandemic.

With another wave of infections predicted, mainly due to the Delta variant, remote workers will continue working remotely and using online conferencing software, for example. More people in general might also buy more protective equipment, make use of more substances to relax, and invest even more in cybersecurity as a whole.


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