How the Pandemic Has Increased the Growth of Online Businesses with New Shopping Trends

People needed to turn to a remote working world for their day-to-day tasks that would have typically taken place in person since the start of the pandemic. The pandemic has undoubtedly resulted in an increase in digital use considering lockdown and social distancing. The grocery shopping ways have also altered with new procedures, restricted capacity, guided pathways, online platforms, and more. Additionally, customers have decided to stay clear of the grocery stores altogether, turning to online solutions instead.

Online Food Shopping and Delivery Sales Have Increased Significantly

Before the pandemic online shopping wasn’t as common as it is today with online platforms usually targeting a younger audience whereas, now they serve a larger spectrum of customers. When online shopping, customers usually study each item before purchasing, they use coupons or discounts, as well as spend time looking for good deals and offers.

In an interview with the brand manager of Kimbino, they agree that the pandemic has had a significant impact on the growth of their online users.

“Following the pandemic, business is expanding toward not only the United Kingdom but the whole world. Technology has increased, and we can observe a 20 percent increase in online users. Looking at the interest in offers, Makro offers had the biggest increase (+30%).”, said the manager, about their online website, which covers all sections ranging from food, clothes, entertainment to electronics.

Discounts and Special Offers Have a Powerful Draw

Since grocery stores have turned to online solutions due to health risks, overall demands have also grown, resulting in them being worried about discounts, free delivery, and coupons. However, if having food delivered increases the amount of purchase, the customers may switch back to stores once the situation calms down.

As a result, it is important for online stores to provide discounts and deals for their customer base in order to maintain a balance. For example, Kimbino’s website has a variety of online catalogs for well-known brands like Aldi, Tesco, Lidl, Makro, and more providing discounted products and deals to the customers.

Online brands which provide discounts are appealing to people of all ages. This demonstrates that value-for-money will be a top priority for customers and that it can be used to mobilize commitment and promote spending. In addition to that, Aldi, Tesco, Lidl, and Makro offers include a range of different and necessary everyday items that customers will be drawn to because of the discounted prices.

Will Online Grocery Shopping Become More Popular in the Future?

Due to the expected continued increase in online grocery shopping, it is important for businesses to comprehend the structure of the online store and how customer demands evolve over time. Although the pandemic has caused an increase in online shopping, it is unclear whether this trend will continue further than that.

A Google Trends graph shows that in the United Kingdom for the last five years, online shopping has had a dramatic increase throughout March and April 2020, right in the midst of the pandemic, and then it was gradually decreasing.

Google Trends – Shopping – UK

Furthermore, pre-pandemic online shopping users are different from newcomers since their standards are higher. In order to cater to these users, brands should explore lowering prices or offering discounts. However, the pandemic has undoubtedly favored the online grocery business, increasing and boosting their development temporarily.


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