Brown Finance Review 2022- Finding the Right Brokerage.

Brown Finance Review

My Brown Finance review will share my own experience with Brown Finance over the past two years. I opened my account with them in 2019, and since then, I have been using their platform for conducting my trades. I have found their trading platform quite impressive in many ways. I will be writing about all the positive and negative things that I have discovered about them during these two years. I have tried to remain unbiased in my review so that you can have a clear mind in choosing the right broker as per your needs. The best thing I have found about Brown Finance is their 100% transparent fees.

The main reason for writing this Brown Finance review is that when I was looking for a trading platform, I could not decide from so many available options. It was a time-consuming and complex process for me to go through them. Then my brother recommended that I use this platform, as he was also using it for five years. I wanted to read as many reviews about Brown Finance as possible, but unfortunately, I could not find more than two reviews. However, I followed my brother’s advice and opened my account with them.

Now, I am writing a Brown Finance review to help you find the right broker for your need. For your better understanding, I have rated their features in 5-Star, 4-Star, and 3-Star categories, according to how best I found them. I categorize them according to my needs, which means you can find them over-rated or under-rated. So, please take my review more as information and not as a recommendation.

Let us see what Brown Finance is offering us in 2022!

Brown Finance Review


  • Security and Safety

Like all other traders, the security of accounts and money was my priority while selecting a broker. I am delighted that I found Brown Finance. It is because the platform offers advanced security features. It is not only multi-regulated but also applies two-factor authentication as well. By multi-regulation, I mean that it has secured licenses from various regulatory authorities, including FCA from the UK, CySEC from Cyprus, and CIMA from Cayman Island. Apart from this, they also provide efficient and secure payment methods for deposits and withdrawals. I have felt very confident using this platform in terms of my money safety which is why I am giving 5 Stars to the security of this platform in my Brown Finance review.

  • Transparent Fee Structure

In my opinion, the most appealing feature of Brown Finance is its transparent fee structure. In the world of financial brokerage firms, it is pretty hard to find brokers with such transparency in terms of their fee structure. Mainly, brokers don’t explain their fee structure and try to attract customers by advertising other appealing features. They tend to hide their charges, whereas Brown Finance has a “No Surprises” policy regarding fees structure. They offer a competitive and straightforward fee structure with no surprises at all. I have found the thing best about the platform is that they are honest from the beginning.

  • Customer Service

Let me give five stars to the customer support of Brown Finance as well. It is because it has been beneficial for me during these two years. I don’t remember encountering any such significant issue, but once, I had a query that was responded to very quickly with just a phone call. Their email service is very professional and well managed. I find their emails quite interesting and informative. I think their customer support is highly professional, responsive, and friendly and should be rated 5-Stars. However, some people might say that they only offer 24/6 service. Still, being a financial service provider, I think that is enough because most trading markets are also off on Sundays, except for cryptocurrency markets.

  • Mobile App

Another important feature that I want to mention in my Brown Finance review is the availability of a Mobile App. Yes! Brow Finance also offers both Android and iOS compatible mobile trading platforms. We can access 100’s financial markets through their mobile app, which provides similar functionality to their desktop alternative platform. It was effortless for me to execute my trades using my mobile. I did not have to open my laptop or PC to access their website for managing the trade, which would be very time-consuming for me. I am thankful to Brown Finance that they provide the Mobile Trading feature as it gives an advantage of instant and convenient execution of trades.

Brown Finance Review

  • Trading Tools and Platform

In my Brown Finance review, I must tell you guys that their trading platform is highly advanced. I have used other trading platforms before, but Brown Finance gave me one of the most user-friendly experiences. Their charts and tools are very robust and advanced. If you like to conduct technical analysis and find some trading signals, you can add trend lines and modify your charts accordingly. Experienced traders will enjoy using their platform. They offer a variety of tools for traders’ ease. The best thing about the platform is that it does not pause or lag.

Brown Finance Review

4 Stars

  • Account Types

One thing that I found very interesting and want to mention in my Brown Finance review is their offered accounts. Brown Finance provides three types of accounts based on the capacity and experience level of a trader. They provide Mini, Standard, and Premium accounts; all have a different minimum deposit limit. In this way, Brown Finance makes its platform appealing to each type of trader. I am currently using their standard account, but mini versions are more suitable for those just about to start their trading journey.

  • Registration process

I am giving 4 Stars to the registration process of Brown Finance because of its simplicity. They would demand all the basic personal information for registration. Let me tell you that they do not charge any deposit fee. However, they will require to fulfil the minimum deposit limit for opening an account. These limits vary according to the account type. For example, I deposited about $2500 as a minimum requirement for opening my Standard account. Logically, the required amount will be less for a mini account and more for a premium account.

  • Offered Financial Assets

My Brown Finance review will be incomplete without reference to their range of financial assets. They offer about 250+ tradable assets, including FOREX, Commodities, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, and Indices. I found this platform very dynamic as I was able to experience different kinds of financial markets. Whether you are a cryptocurrency lover or an expert in forex & commodities trading, you will find your desired asset here. You are provided with various instruments to select from for investing through their platform.

  • Commission & Spread Fees

The commission and spread fee charged by Brown Finance is quite reasonable. In my two years of experience, I have never found that they charged me extra for anything. I am pretty satisfied with their fee structure because they offer very compatible rates. Some brokers charge too much spread and commission fee, which takes away the joy of profits earned by the traders. However, this is not the case with Brown Finance, as they charge low spreads & reasonable fees. And if you are a CFD trader, this platform is heaven for you because Brown Finance charges zero commissions on CFD trading.

Brown Finance Review

3 Stars

  • Lack of Advertisement

One thing I found missing in the services of Brown Finance was the advertisement. I had to rely on other financial news websites to keep me updated about the trading opportunities. Although they provide information about upcoming economic events through the market calendar, they do not have any blog or news section. It wasn’t very pleasant for me as I mostly trade on fundamentals. I would appreciate it if they also introduced a news/blog section.

  • Education Guide

In my Brown Finance review, I am giving three stars to their Education Guideline. The material on their website was a little overwhelming for me. No doubt that they are offering excellent and very simple-to-learn educational material. But the thing I found missing was some video tutorials. It was pretty unpleasant for me to read through their guideline. It was also very time-consuming for me. I think that they can improve and update their educational material by introducing video formats. In my opinion, it would provide a more pleasant and exciting way to learn through videos.

  • Expensive Professional Account Management

Lastly, my Brown Finance review will end with some objections I have for them. It is that their professional account management service is not free. I think brokerage service providers should offer this kind of assistance free-of-cost. Similar to other broker companies, Brown Finance also charges a fee for having 1-on-1 training and assistance from a personal account manager. They boast about their self-trading account, which can be suitable for experienced traders. However, it would be helpful for newbie traders if these services were provided free of cost. I think this kind of service can attract a considerable amount of traders.

Brown Finance Review


I hope my Brown Finance review has provided you with a clear picture to help you select the broker of your choice. This company has been working for more than 11 years and is very trustworthy. Many authorities also regulate it like FCA, CySEC, and more. However, still, we cannot say that it is the perfect option. I have explained all the pros and cons of Brown Finance to keep my review unbiased.

This review was based on my personal experience with them. Please take into consideration that everyone will find the platform differently. It might be more suitable for you than it was for me. Or you might find it not suitable at all. However, the only way is to have an experience and check it by yourself. Try to do thorough research before selecting your broker. Good Luck finding your best-suited platform. Lastly, thank you for reading my Brown Finance review.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only, and this is not a recommendation.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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