Bo Parfet: Why Don Wenner Is A Leader Above the Rest

Don Wenner began his career in real estate in 2006 and quickly established himself as a leader in the industry. Prior to founding DLP Realty in 2010, he ranked fifteenth among real estate agents globally while working at Keller Williams. Over the course of his career, he has closed more than 15,000 real estate transactions totaling over $3 billion, and has expanded his business, under the umbrella name DLP Real Estate Capital (DLP), to offer realty services in brokerage, private lending, property management, building and construction, investment management, and asset management.

Don is widely known by his staff and business partners for his honesty, humility, drive, and passion. Wenner has earned numerous awards, including two 40 Under 40 recognitions. He earned the Ultimate CEO Award from the Jacksonville Business Journal in 2019 and earned the Gold Stevie award for Real Estate Entrepreneur of the Year in 2020.

Bo Parfet is Managing Director of the DLP Prosperity Membership at DLP Real Estate Capital, offering years of experience as an investment banker and philanthropic leader. Parfet shares the same core values as Wenner and is proud to work with an individual that places ethics above capital.


Turning Challenges into Opportunities

Wenner built his business on a foundation of integrity and pragmatism. As much as he wants his business to thrive, he is in business to see his clients succeed. Wenner, like Parfet, sees challenges as opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has caused economic disruption on every front. Wenner and his team held a virtual event, Celebrating Freedom and Prosperity, to share company updates and highlight where the company sees itself in the next few years amidst the current global uncertainty caused by the coronavirus.

During this event, Wenner shared why he believes DLP is seeing steady growth despite market volatility. Wenner says that management is the number one reason that the company continues to prosper.

DLP Real Estate Capital has earned many awards over the years. The company has been listed in the Financial Times and Inc. 5000 as one of the America’s Fastest Growing Companies for years. This year, DLP also earned recognition in Inc. Magazine as a 2020 Best Place to Work. Wenner does not take these titles lightly, as he truly believes that the happiness and success of his clients will ensure the success of the company.


Discipline is the Foundation of Success

Wenner built DLP as a purpose-driven organization. He has said that the reason for his success is discipline. Wenner is determined to ensure all businesses that run under the DLP brand are successful. To do this, Wenner has created a strategic business model based on core values, purpose, and priorities. He and his leadership team run each business from the same playbook of priorities and values, never faltering from the mission the company developed on day one.  

DLP’s mission is to lead and inspire the building of wealth and prosperity with their partners through the relentless execution of innovative real estate solutions. The organization runs on nine core values, recently adding the core value of Humble Confidence to its main list of principles for running a successful business.

Wenner is passionate about developing his team into leaders. He hires based on personality, attitude, and grit. He believes that if individuals express their innate drive and determination by following the organization’s core values, they will be successful in the business (not to discredit education, however, as the organization works to develop and retain its employees through various coaching and training opportunities).


Leaders Made Here

One of Wenner’s mantras for DLP Real Estate Capital is leaders made here. This mantra, along with the organization’s core values, is what spoke to Bo Parfet when making the decision to join DLP as Managing Partner. Parfet, currently overseeing his philanthropic organization Denali Venture Philanthropy, has worked with many organizations, with a focus on helping them build capital to succeed.

An avid mountaineer and adventurist, Parfet has taken his drive for success in business to the mountains and back. He has said that whether in the business of investment banking, or atop the highest peaks, one quality stands above the rest—humble confidence.

Whether investing in real estate, a new business, or purchasing your first home, you want to work with someone who is confident, yet shows compassion and humility, understanding that making this investment is an important decision.

Exuding confidence is just one piece of the puzzle when building a strong organization; you must also show humility. People want to connect to real people. Leading with humble confidence has made entrepreneurs such as Bo Parfet and Don Wenner succeed, and their success will continue because they are determined, and because they care first and foremost about those who they serve.


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