Biotech Industry-Focused LongeVC Fund Launches Startup Accelerator Program Under Supervision of Rustam Gilfanov

Rustam Gilfanov

LongeVC – an investment group focused on startup selection and development – has launched a dedicated acceleration program for promising companies working on solutions in the longevity sector. The fund is calling on professionals with relevant experience in the biotech and longevity industries to join the acceleration program and become part of teams of experts formed for guiding startups to success. The management of LongeVC believes that such combined teams of experts will be able to work more effectively on solving issues facing the target industries. Participation applications in the acceleration program will be accepted on a rolling basis. 

“We are unique in our approach when it comes to selecting projects. Our accelerator program allows us to define our own verticals and determine the vectors of development for potential we identify. We provide advisory and mentoring assistance as part of our program to make sure that the teams of each startup consist of highly qualified professionals,” states Sergey Jakimov – Fund Partner at LongeVC.

Participation in the acceleration program is available to all willing to join. The LongeVC official website provides a form at that has to be filled out with relevant experience. Aspiring participants are not required to have vast experience to join, as LongeVC is placing priority on knowledge to be able to form diversified teams of professionals. 

“The longevity industry’s next unicorn is likely to emerge from naught. Our fund has been identifying and growing startups for years. But it is the people who form the backbone of success, and that is why we believe that bringing together talented professionals is the key to developing innovative technologies. We welcome founders of startups to participate in our program and develop the biotech and longevity industries together,” adds Jakimov. 

Primary candidates for the LongeVC fund are startups at the seed and early A stages. The fund is determined to offer support and special focus to companies with working MVP concepts and developed business models.

“Promising startups on the market are not receiving the support and mentoring they need to grow. Our goal is to integrate such startups into our program at early stages to provide them with the assistance they need. That is the purpose of our accelerator program. Applications of AI technologies in drug discovery and predictive diagnostics are our primary focus. We know that companies working in the given field are in need of immense amounts of support and access to relevant industry datasets to create promising products that can remain in line with the times,” as stated by private investor, philanthropist and LongeVC Venture Partner Rustam Gilfanov.

The LongeVC venture fund has over 35 million Euros in available funding that it aims to divert at startups in their seed and pre-A seed rounds. Special attention will be given to companies developing working solutions in the biotech and longevity industries. Highly qualified specialists with global recognition have already joined the advisory board of LongeVC. Among the advisors collaborating with LongeVC is one of the leading anti-aging specialists in the world-renowned gerontologist and PhD holder from the University of Cambridge, author of more than 290 publications Aubrey De Grey, founder of Deep Longevity, Inc. and Adjunct Professor at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging Alex Zhavoronkov (PhD), as well as other experts in the field.

About LongeVC 

LongeVC is an investment venture fund that specializes in advising and growing startups at early stages of development. The fund provides both venture investments and mentoring primarily to companies operating in the longevity and biotech sectors. Among the companies already available in the fund’s portfolio are such names as Insilico Medicine, a global leader in AI-driven drug discovery, Longenesis, an end-to-end collaborative biotech research enabler, Basepaws, the first comprehensive DNA sequencing solution for pets, as well as other biotech industry-specific companies. The LongeVC fund’s most recent venture of developing an acceleration program is designed to onboard startups with promising longevity-oriented solutions, providing them with the support of advisory board services and world-class professional expertise.



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