Avoid These Common Mistakes When Buying Eyeglasses

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Vision correction is the need of the hour. Most people are ignorant about this issue, and they hardly care to invest in it. Moreover, prolonged ignorance can result in permanent vision damage, thereby requiring surgery. Therefore, it is crucial to consult an optometrist when in doubt. Vision correction at an appropriate time can reverse the damage and restore the cornea to its original condition. However, people are reluctant to wear glasses because they are concerned about their style statement.

Therefore, it is pertinent to note here that the eyeglass market has evolved immensely in the past decade. Today, we have frames that can suit anyone’s personal style. Additionally, most of the frames are built of material that is easy on the face and doesn’t cause irritation. Hence, there is no reason not to invest in good-quality eyeglasses. In this article, we will point out some common mistakes that people make when buying eyeglasses online so we can save you the trouble.  

Choosing the wrong frame

When we talk about wearing eyeglasses, stylish and colorful frames spring to mind. There are so many fashionable options available in the market that we forget to factor in the utility factor of the frame. Additionally, people do not take into account the characteristics of the lens before choosing a frame. Now, let’s discuss some of the factors that will help you find the best lens.

  • Prescription: It is advised to visit an optometrist before deciding on a frame. An updated prescription will help you find the perfect frame. If your optometrist has prescribed a high-power lens, it is best to go for a smaller frame to balance out the weight. Thicker frames on powerful lenses will increase the weight and cause a major inconvenience in the longer run.
  • Frame size: Before deciding on frame size, you must set your priorities. If you have a smaller lens, it is best to go for a medium-sized frame. Larger frames like the rectangular ones are in fashion, but they have their own disadvantages. Rectangular frames are heavy, and they are not ideal for most prescriptions. Similarly, if you are a progressive wearer, you may need a larger frame to provide more area to the reading portion.
  • Frame weight: Eyeglasses are not fashion accessories primarily. They have a utility factor. Therefore, always choose a frame that is light in weight. Most of us wear eyeglasses for a prolonged period, so if you buy a heavy frame, you will experience serious discomfort. Additionally, always ensure that you add the lens weight before settling on a frame.
  • Nose pads: Nose pads are crucial to ensure that eyeglasses sit perfectly on the face. If you indulge in physical activities, it is best to buy a frame with nose pads. Additionally, if you live in hot and humid conditions, buy a frame with a nose pad made of silicone, so it doesn’t stick to the skin.

Choosing the wrong lenses

Once you have the prescription from the optometrist, it is important to choose the perfect lens. There are several lens designs available on the market to suit different needs and requirements. Let’s discuss some factors that you must take into account when choosing a lens.

  • Lens design: Lens design is crucial to determine overall vision. People who use progressive lenses or high-power lenses must be careful when settling on a lens design. A good quality lens will allow you to see clearly throughout. In some cases, only a portion of the lens provides corrected visibility, which may be inconvenient. Additionally, good lenses will also factor in peripheral vision. Such lenses are designed to reduce unwarranted distortions. Today, aspheric lenses are in demand because they are thinner and provide better visibility than spherical lenses. Thin design also helps reduce weight to increase comfort.
  • Refractive index: Refractive index is a technical term, so most people rely on their vendors to find the best one for them. However, you must be informed of the refractive index so you can buy the perfect lens for yourself. The Refractive index of a material is its ability to bend light. Therefore, the higher the refractive index, the more the lens’s ability to bend light. Additionally, the refractive index of a lens is decided by several factors such as prescription, frame size, and frame wrap. Some of the stylish glasses for girls use material with a high refractive index.

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