A Comprehensive Guide to Different Types of Testing Methods to Manage Digital Employee Experience Monitoring

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In this epoch of digital progress, it has become important to monitor the digital experience of the employees for ensuring the satisfaction and productivity of the employees. However, while the employees of your organization are working on their applications and desktops, you can not handle effective digital employee experience monitoring by examining the end-to-end user practice. Above all, the availability of the network resources, apps, and desktops should be ensured for the crucial times whenever your employees require them. Therefore, for monitoring the digital experience of your employees, you need to prepare a monitoring strategy that includes proactive availability monitoring tests and network tests.

Proactive Availability Monitoring Test:

Besides checking the obtainability of Citrix-delivered applications and desktops and VMware Horizon, a proactive availability test is also effective to check the obtainability of external and internal web applications and network resources, such as print services, file shares, DNS, and other networking systems.

How to Organize Proactive Test?

Before you conduct the proactive test, you need to organize the test. For setting up the proactive test, you need to follow some essential steps-

  1. Open the corporate gateway
  2. Validation
  3. Release the published source
  4. Link to the published source
  5. Validation of the synthetical logon
  6. Log off

Network Tests:

You can also conduct some network tests with the help of the proactive availability test. The most essential network tests are-

• DNS Test:

DNS test is useful for the verification of the availability of the DNS servers and their health. You can also use this test for bringing back the expected result when the response of the query for a domain is in question.

• Ping Test:

In order to verify the availability of the apps, desktops, and network resources and check the package round-excursion time, this test is very much effective. You can also run a straightforward ICMP test or other advanced option for verifying the jitter during the test. This will enable you to select the most relevant port.

• HTTP/S Test:

This test helps you to examine the connection of the web services and multiple parameters of the website. You can also configure the test according to your needs, such as-

  1. The test can be configured for examining the responsiveness of the website.
  2. You can also use this test to examine web service APIs with custom and GET/POST body and headers.
  3. This test is also effective for the validation of the SSL certificate and verifying the certificate chain and expiration duration.

You can also use custom proxy servers for the HTTP/S test to determine the health of your proxy server. You can send the traffic through the custom proxy server.

Therefore, network tests and proactive availability tests are necessary to detect any issue in your apps, desktops, and network resources. While you can find out and solve the issues with these tests, you can ensure better productivity for your employees by giving them a healthy digital experience.


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