8 Benefits of Hiring a Dedicated Development Team

Hiring a Dedicated Development Team

Today, the global outsourcing market seems to be growing exponentially. Fair enough, since IT outsourcing allows thousands of companies around the globe to gain a competitive edge by making them more efficient and agile. Transparent and effective, the dedicated development team model can be an optimal solution for both established businesses and startups.

What is the dedicated development team model?

This business model suggests long-term collaboration between a client and a dedicated development team that provides software development services. While the performance of dedicated teams remains on par or ahead of in-house options, The composition of a dedicated development team can slightly vary across different software development companies as well as depending on your project. For instance, Intelvision offers dedicated teams composed of front-end engineers, back-end engineers, QA engineers, UX/UI designers, DevOps engineers, business analysts, and project managers.

All the members of the dedicated team you hire work exclusively on your project, full-time, and report directly to you, as an in-house team would do. Still, the main difference between an in-house team and a dedicated team is that the dedicated team will typically work remotely. ‍The dedicated team members are technically your employees, but when using a dedicated team model, you don’t have to handle administrative, HR, tax, and social benefits issues. This makes it an efficient and hassle-free way to hire a dedicated development team. You will have more time and resources to focus on your business development while the dedicated team members take on the technical and administrative burden.

8 benefits of hiring a dedicated development team

1. It’s cost-efficient

Partnering with a dedicated development team will save you considerable costs that are typically associated with the more traditional approaches to hiring developers. You won’t have to cover office space hiring, training, onboarding, and other related expenses. You pay only for work done without compromising on quality.

2. The dedicated team is entirely focused on your project

Another definite advantage of hiring a dedicated development team is that its members are absolutely committed to achieving the best possible results. In their work, dedicated teams stick to their clients’ culture, values, and business goals, while the clients decide on the management approach and tools. The high engagement level drives the team to gain a thorough understanding of your business needs, which makes them remarkably efficient.

Hiring a Dedicated Development Team

3. You get access to a broader pool of skills

It’s a no-brainer that relying on a traditional in-house team means having limited skills at your disposal. No matter the project, you will be using the same team, which can result in hampering your business development. On the flip side, a dedicated development team model allows you to use a different set of experts for each project. What is more, with this highly efficient business model, you aren’t limited by location, meaning unrestricted access to a much wider network of talent.

However, when you hire a dedicated development team, for example in Ukraine, you won’t need to pay additional amounts for hardware and software.

4. The DTM ensures transparent management and communication

A dedicated development team is similar to an in-house team working in a separate office. You directly manage your outsource team and set a communication frequency that is most convenient for you. Today, a variety of communication channels provide excellent opportunities for transparency and effective interaction. These tools allow dedicated teams to keep clients in the loop about what they are doing and where the project is on the progress scale. Although you can take complete control over the team, including scheduling and setting up workflows, you can also entrust the micromanagement to your dedicated project manager.

5. You can significantly cut down on your time-to-market

The next indisputable benefit of partnering with a dedicated development team is speed. If you need to develop a product quickly without compromising quality, a dedicated team will be more than helpful. Outsource experts will be focusing on the quality of your adjacent project, while you’ll avoid distracting your in-house team from the main one.

6. Dedicated teams are highly flexible and scalable

At the initial phase of collaboration with a dedicated development team, the client makes a decision on how many specialists they need to hire for the project. You can always add staff members and resources (software and equipment) as well as reduce the team if circumstances require that.

7. You don’t need to invest in costly hardware and software

Apart from hiring in-house developers, software development is also associated with huge costs involved in preparing workspaces and purchasing necessary digital resources. However, when you hire a dedicated development team, you won’t need to pay additional amounts for hardware and software. The teams have all the required resources, and their workspaces are already set up, meaning you only pay for labor and expertise.

Development Team

8. The DTM always means increased productivity

Without any doubt, productivity is one of the advantages that help companies win a competitive edge in the current fast-moving software market. That is why it’s crucial to have an efficient team that will focus their effort on your project with the best results in mind. The dedicated team model is all about productivity. First and foremost, a dedicated team is totally committed to your project and the tasks they’re assigned to. In addition, it’s very likely that your dedicated team members have already worked together on multiple projects, which means well-established communication between the teammates and smoother processes inside the team.

Final words

All in all, by choosing the dedicated development team model, you’ll save time and money while hiring the best available specialists. What is more, you get the team under your full control, just as with in-house staff.


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