6 Ways to Increase Productivity at Work

Productivity at Work

Productivity is an essential component of any work environment, and it can be a determinant for a business to succeed or fail. The reason is that productivity determines the efficiency of employees in their work. Also, it defines the amount of time taken to complete each task that is essential in the smooth running of the business. There are numerous ways to promote productivity in the workplace. You only need to know them and how to apply them successfully.

The following are ideas that can help your business operate efficiently.

1. Track the Amount of Time you spend on Each Task

You may be spending a lot of time on routine tasks without your knowledge. Start by tracking your time in the coming week to establish how much you are spending and what you are doing with the time. This can be a considerable disclosure that can help you recognize that you are spending a lot of time doing very little and on the wrong things. After the revelation, start doing the right things at the right time.

2. Use Your Commute Time Wisely

Some people carpool, take a bus or jump on the subway to get to work. If you use any of these to get to work, you have some valuable time on your hands during the commute. Use this time to create a to-do list, plan your day, or make some important phone calls. If you drive to work, have some time to get organized for the day ahead mentally. You can listen to audiobooks, do breathing exercises, or make pending phone calls using a hands-free handset.

3. Set Time Aside to Respond to Emails and Text Messages

Email, text messages, and phone-call notifications interrupt your concentration each time they go off. You can choose particular times during the day to turn off notifications on your devices and concentrate on what you are doing. You will be amazed at how much you save by limiting interruptions.

4. Takes Breaks in-between Tasks

Many people have negative perceptions of taking breaks while working. They believe that a hard worker is supposed to keep working even when they do not feel like it. That is a misplaced notion as studies show that taking breaks makes people work more productively than people who do not. Taking a break allows you to clear your mind, and when you get back to your desk, you’ll be more focused and have the strength to handle the task at hand.

5. Implement the 90-Minute Method

This method encourages people to work for 90 minutes before taking a break. A person works for 90 minutes before they start to develop mental fog. When the mental blur sets in, you can no longer be productive. If you are doing a task and start getting stuck, you should take a break, preferably 15 minutes, and come back reenergized with a clear mind.

6. Take Care of Your Health

You cannot be optimally productive without taking good care of your well-being and health. It starts with the quantity and quality of rest you get. According to a study by Harvard, insomnia can make you lose about 11.3 days’ worth of productivity. You can address this problem by changing your bedroom and making it rest-friendly. Pay attention to the following areas:

  • Room temperature – The temperature in your bedroom significantly impacts your sleep. If the temperature is too high, you will wake up in the middle of the night to get cooler. Researchers recommend your bedroom temperature to 65 degrees Fahrenheit to promote quality sleep.
  • Mattress –  Many people are sleeping on a bed that does not suit their needs. Stomach sleepers, side sleepers, and people living with back pain all require different mattresses. Depending on your condition and sleep preferences, you may be best suited for a mattress with coils, one with gentle latex support, or a close body contour of memory foam. It is vital to find an appropriate bed to support your sleeping needs. You can also try changing the mattress if you’re using an older one because a newer mattress alleviates back pain and promotes better sleep quality than an older one.
  • Light pollution – This is light that gets into your bedroom as you sleep. The light could be coming from another room and see under your door or a lamp on the street outside your window. To enjoy a good night’s sleep, you should make your room as dark as possible.
  • Noise – You’ll sleep better in a quitter bedroom than in a louder one. Noise disturbances cause sleep disruption and fragmentation, which will adversely affect your mental and physical health. If you get enough quality sleep, you won’t work productively during the day as you’ll probably be too tired or sleepy.

Besides taking care of your health by sleeping well, ensure that you take proper medication and supplements to boost your immune system. You can shop for the supplements online, and the store will ship them directly to your home.

No matter the method you choose to use, it will get you on a sure path to improved productivity at work. After all, when you are more productive, you will probably have some time to enjoy your weekends and evenings; this will be a win for everyone.

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