6 Unique Team-Building Ideas To Improve Your Company Culture


Do you feel like your team needs a morale booster and some positive attitude enhancers?

We have compiled a list of unique team-building activities that have yielded brilliant results in the workplace. These activities center around outings, in-office, and virtual.

Learning to Sail as a Team

Let’s start with some recommendations for outings known to boost morale!

A challenging and extremely engaging experience is learning to sail as a team! We highly recommend a yacht charter for a unique team-building activity.

Several roles are required to be filled on this excursion, allowing employees to showcase and learn about each other’s strengths. Learning to sail as a team also creates a sense of unity.

Your team’s self-confidence may also skyrocket through this exciting activity, as well as challenge their decision-making skills.

You’ll be surprised to notice how different people work under pressure, and how coordination becomes crucial when the primary goal is efficiency.

Figure out how everything works, execute tasks effectively and set sail! Meanwhile, don’t forget to take care of your boat and your team.

Escape Room

In-person or online escape rooms are fun activities for the entire office. The team works together to solve riddles, race the clock and move towards a collective goal of escaping.     

When witnessing the escape room dynamic as a manager, you’ll be able to identify effective leadership potential in team members, and their various strengths.

Some individuals’ strengths may lie in picture riddles, while others may be geared toward numbers and words.

Most of us are aware of how essential creative thinking, problem-solving, and communication are for efficiency in any business. All these aspects are fostered in an escape room.

Active Listening Game

Team building exercises can be aimed at building healthy competition to keep team members on their toes.

A mild form of competition involves an active listening game to insert into serious presentations that may go in one ear and right out the other.

Introduce the game, wherein the presenter inserts various random words and phrases into their presentation. The listeners are required to listen closely to notice the most accurate number of random utterances.

The best listener wins!

This activity fosters healthy conflict resolution, improves emotional intelligence, and allows for better absorption of information without missing the important bits. Attention and concentration skills are also tested.


In conjunction with emotional intelligence, arises self-awareness and self-monitoring. However, while relating closely to each other, it remains important that these factors are also encouraged separately in the workplace.

In a wide-open space, practice walking and stopping on command for a while to get used to following direct instructions. Bring in 2 new commands of “name” (calling out your name) and “clap”.

Once accustomed, challenge your employees to swap instructions around – “walk” meaning “stop”, “clap” meaning “name” and vice versa

The Stop-Walk icebreaker aids employees in managing their stress and emotions, as well as helps with mindfulness. Mindfulness aids with focusing the easily distracted mind in the workplace.

Getting to Know You

Companies and businesses are utilizing virtual communication extensively in this new age. Although disconnected physically, there are fantastic ways in which to improve company culture virtually.

Getting to Know You is a simple game hosted by Assembly, which beautifully creates unique questions for team members to answer once a week via a joint email chain.

Make sure to mention when introducing this activity that it would take only 5 minutes out of their busy schedules every second week or so.

Colleagues need to get to know each other in a fun way. Encourage trust, respect, and understanding of each other’s triggers and strengths, and steer away from normal workplace chatter and serious conversations.

Critical Thinking Icebreaker

Critical thinking is undeniably another important weapon to wield in the online workplace, so we suggest utilizing an icebreaker that allows for this expansion of the mind.

Fun, yet challenging, riddles which start with a scenario and end with a question to ponder allow team members to exchange ideas, listen intently, and work cooperatively to find solutions.

Bring in these riddles during your initial meeting check-ins to kickstart team members’ minds. This stimulates the brain to be directed towards logical, out-of-the-box thinking before launching into work-related topics. 



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