6 Tips For Choosing The Right Domain Name

6 Tips For Choosing The Right Domain Name

A website’s domain name is as significant to its identity as a person’s name is to theirs. Hence, you shouldn’t take lightly choosing your domain name. Remember, this is the first impression your visitors will have of you. When carefully selected, it can leave a positive and lasting impression. 

Furthermore, your domain name can help your search engine optimization (SEO). If you add a keyword to the name, you can achieve a favorable SEO ranking. Your domain name is your brand’s identity, and you should consider it a marketing opportunity. 

A well-chosen domain name is a competitive advantage for your business, and you can stand out among many. To help you find the right one, you can enlist the help of a company that specializes in web hosting and domain name services, like Ventra IP or a similar provider. Otherwise, the following are some tips you should consider to ensure you get the right domain name:

1. Research On The Name

It would help to do thorough research on your domain brand name. This will help you come up with something unique and avoid the legal trouble of trademark infringement. It can be unpleasant to find the perfect name only to be fined for using it. 

Research ensures your domain name is original. To find out, you can do a trademark or a Google search on the name. You may also consider checking top social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Remember, having the same name as another brand causes confusion, and the legal battle could cost you money.

2. Consider The Domain Extension 

To have the right domain name, you must use the right extensions, such as .com or .net. This is what is called the top-level domain (TLD). Other extensions you’ll meet may include the following:

  • Domain.org
  • Domain.edu
  • Domain.biz
  • Domain.blog 
  • Domain.shop

Although they’re fancy and tempting, always go for the .com extension of your domain name. You can consider the rest of the TLDs or change the name if it’s taken.

The benefit of the .com is that it’s widespread, and your customers are familiar with it. On the other hand, they can quickly forget other extensions. Meanwhile, the .com price may be slightly higher than the rest if you buy it. However, the traffic on your website and your customers being able to find you should be enough motivation to go for it. 

3. Include Sensory Words 

You can bring life to your brand name through sensory words that appeal to the customer’s senses. The name should appeal to sight, smell, touch, sound, and taste. Although it may not cover all niches, it makes your brand memorable for a given topic. For example, if your website sells body lotions and colognes, you can use words like fresh, earthy, rosy, or sweet. 

4. Include A Target Keyword 

Your domain name should have a keyword that gives your customers insight into what the website is about. You should be careful not to overdo it and stuff your domain name. To effectively add a keyword, don’t be afraid of using a phrase or a long name. However, it’s best to keep the word characters below 15. Nevertheless, the best is one that’s below 10. 

Luckily, searching for domain name keywords is like any other keyword search. To make it effective, use keyword search tools to find a word with low competition and high search volume. Be sure to choose one that represents your business content as a whole.

5. Make The Name Memorable

Make The Name Memorable

A unique domain name doesn’t necessarily mean hard to pronounce, type, and remember. Choose a simple phrase that’s creative and memorable. This will keep your traffic numbers up. To get a catchy name, consider the following literary techniques:

  • Use alliteration: Alliteration is where you join more than one word starting with the same consonant sound. This creates a rhythm to your domain name, making it catchy and memorable. An example is the famous Rolls Royce or Coca-Cola.
  • Rhyme: Rhyme is where you use two words with the last syllables matching. An example is the Seven Eleven. Make your domain name rhyme, and users will easily remember. 

With the above tips, you can create a name with word patterns that your customers can recognize and remember easily.

6. Use Domain Name Tools

There are millions of registered domain names, and all your suggestions may be already taken. To make your work easier, use domain name generators that automatically search for a unique name based on keywords you have in mind. This is a fast and efficient way to get your domain name.


The tips above will help you develop the perfect domain name you need. It isn’t exhaustive, but it walks you through the critical steps. Remember, your domain name is the first point of your customer interaction. Hence, it should be a significant detail in the plan.


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