6 Stress Relieving Wellness Trends You Need to Look Out for in 2022


With the world’s ever-growing interest in self-care, health, and wellness, it’s no longer surprising that 2022 is preparing for a  fresh inundation of wellness trends. For example, relaxation and breathing exercises from breathwork app are among the dominating search trends on Google. According to the BCC research, the global stress and mental health management treatment market will hit $20.6 billion by 2024 from $17.2 billion in 2019.

The Global Wellness Institute also published a report indicating rapid growth in the global health and wellness industry, worth over $4.5 trillion. With the increase in self-care trends, everyone is now more focused on fitness, nutrition, and general wellbeing. Should we expect the same in 2022?

Absolutely! Here are the 2022 stress-relieving wellness trends you need to check out.

1. Stress supplement demand

In 2020 PharmaLinea launched two products after 50% of the consumers worldwide were suffering from mild to severe stress.

Manufacturers are working day and night to bridge the gap created in the stress supplement market in response to the new research showing stress and mental health as a massive concern throughout 2020 and 2021.

Relaxing supplements have been a booming category that has grown over the years and is expected to skyrocket over the coming years. According to a comprehensive research report by the Market Research Future (MRFR), the market is projected to go over $756.6 million by 2028 at 6.7 CAGR.

The United States loses nearly 205 million working days every year due to workers facing stress leading to reduced productivity. Today, stress-relieving supplements form the fastest expanding field in the healthcare sector, supported by the surging number of sleep-deprived individuals and the prevalence of hectic lifestyles.

Consumers are increasingly turning to supplements to boost their mental health. However, most suppliers, including PharamaLinea, believe the current offerings are not yet meeting consumer needs, indicating a clear opportunity for science-backed supplements that can help ease the short and long-term effects of stress.

Many companies have begun producing supplements with natural ingredients that contain cardiovascular and antioxidants.

2. Mindful movement

Everyone wants to learn a few meditation poses to help calm and relieve stress. The mindful movement is likely to remain trending for the longest time as it is one of the oldest and most natural ways of calming the body and mind.

Luckily, incorporating meditation into an exercise is an excellent way to eliminate stress and promote general wellness. Chatty Dobson, Flex Chelsea founder, and Yoga teacher, recommends setting a timer on your phone for 10 minutes and putting the phone on ‘do not disturb’ mode. Then, give yourself those 10 minutes to immerse yourself in perfect peace.

She suggests not doing anything when starting. Instead, let ideas flow and embrace your new world of discovery. You can also incorporate mindfulness in what you do, whether cycling, working out, or taking a walk.

3. Therapy apps

The future is online. The massive shift didn’t leave stress, health, and wellness behind. Your smartphone, tablet, or PC can now help you take control of your mental health and wellbeing via apps aimed at better sleep, meditation, and more. Therapy apps such as Larkr, BetterHelp, and Talkspace offer on-demand access to therapists from the comfort of your home or office.

 Users can answer quizzes, and algorithms connect them to the most appropriate experts. Meditation apps also manipulate your mind into a calm, stress-free zone. Simple Habit, Calm,  Insight Timer, and Headspace are trending 2022 meditation apps packed with endless content to suit everyone.

4. Breathwork

Breathwork is the latest wellness trend that includes multiple techniques that incorporate breath. By regulating the flow of your breath, you can balance your body and mind. The power of breathing has been used to control emotions such as anger, pain, sadness, and even stress. Breathwork is as simple as it sounds and all-natural.

Your mind will slow down and hone into the present moment when you breathe consciously. It causes a sense of relief that allows you to return to your day-to-day activities feeling fresh and focused.

Breathwork is continually practiced in Japan, India, China, and Tibet for healing and general wellness. Evidence of breathwork dates back to 3000 BCE in India and 2700 BCE in China. However, the practice has undergone modifications to fit modern use and combined with evidence-based results.

Harvard Business Review conducted two studies to evaluate the impact of breathing on reducing stress. According to the first study results, participants who practiced breath meditation experienced the most significant mental health, positive emotions, social connectedness, and mindfulness benefits.

The results of the second study, which was conducted at the University of Arizona, showed that participants who took breathing exercises were more relaxed and able to think clearly and effectively when put under stressful circumstances.

5. Sexual wellness

Sex and relationship wellness is no longer a taboo subject in 2022. People are more conscious and bolder to speak openly about their feelings and sexuality as part of their physical and emotional wellbeing. According to sex and relationship expert Kate Moyle, sexual awareness should be considered part of our overall health and wellbeing.

Sexual wellness is a critical factor in your physical and emotional health, and your sexuality is a natural and healthy part of who you are. Breaking away from culture, moving towards self-discovery, and understanding sexual health is the new face of 2022. People now recognize and respect sexual rights, and everyone has equal access to sexual health information, care, and education.

6. Wellness centers in public places

Airports, hotels, and other major public spaces have added health and wellness centers to assist travelers with layovers. The move is meant to keep travelers in their fitness and health routine even when traveling. Hotels invest heavily in wellness by offering healthy food sections, workout areas, and in-room equipment.

Airports like O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Burlington International Airport in Vermont, and San Francisco International Airport have added yoga rooms to their terminals.

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