6 Common Injuries a Person Suffers After a Slip and Fall Accident

Slip and Fall Accident

Getting wounded by a slip-and-fall may sound funny, but it isn’t. One can experience severe shocks that might cause permanent damage, and such incidents are frequent in a metropolis as large as Houston. Statistics show Houston is home to over 2 million people and takes the 3rd spot among US metropolitan areas largely affected by personal injuries. In 2016, the city reported over 600,000 slip-and-fall accidents, with an estimated loss of 1.8 billion dollars.

Since these cases continue to rise, residents must know their liability in trip and fall accident cases and what injuries they may suffer as a result. The responsible party in such an incident depends on whether the sufferer was on someone else’s land or in a public location. But in each case, they can pursue a monetary settlement.

If you are here to learn what damages an individual can suffer after a slip and trip hazard, this is the appropriate place. So, let’s begin.

Fractured Bones

Multiple incidents cause damaged bones but slipping and falling are the main culprits. If your or your loved one’s bone is mildly crushed or injured, there will be skin discoloration, bruising, sensitivity, and tenderness. But if it is heavily fractured, there will be bleeding and swelling.

Whether the incident took place in public or someone else’s land, turn to an attorney to hold the liable party responsible and review the issue with patience.

Bleeding Wounds

Cuts are common when playing with sharp objects. But grazes, abrasions, and open wounds resulting from a slip and trip are not. Such occurrences may lead to contusions that may cause long-term complications. So, never brush aside such occurrences and immediately consult a specialist.

Head Fractures

Whether the slip and fall caused a head wound or dizziness, you can still sue the landowner for a settlement. It is so because skull fractures are no joke. No house should have narrow stairways, damp floors, irregular floor levels, inadequate lighting, or open potholes. And even if they do, they must alert everyone about it, failing which the court can hold them responsible.

Typical head injuries include concussions, hip fractures, shattered ribs, and crushed wrists.

Joints Crack

Slip and fall occurrences can also lead to joint cracks, such as in the knees, ankles, elbows, and wrists. Depending on the intensity of the slip, the medication can range from compression to surgery and rehabilitation treatment. It can also cause an intense chronic illness that the sufferer has to endure forever.

Sometimes, the upper arm bone of the sufferer may slip out of the shoulder blade socket, leading to dislocation.

Soft Tissue Wounds

Soft tissue damages include tendon and ligament cracks that usually take place in the wrist and ankle. These fractures are the most typical consequence of a slip and fall. Although moderate injuries can be treated at the residence, if they are painful, medical treatment is required. Severe and untreated soft tissue wounds can restrict your mobility and turn into chronic pain.

Spinal Cord Fractures

The spinal cord is the shell of a body’s nervous system. If a person slips, it might break and affect their lifestyle and nervous system. Upper spinal cord fractures may also cause issues in the neck. Some people may even suffer from poor mobility, a loss of senses, and improper body functioning.

Wrapping Up

If you have slipped and fallen in a public area or on someone else’s property, you can claim monetary payment. However, after going through such a painful occurrence, people have no idea where to begin. But if they can prove the house owner’s oversight, they might get reimbursement under the premises liability lawsuit.

Since the consequences of slip-and-fall occurrences are severe, one must educate themselves on their potential repercussions and what their compensation will cover.


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