5 Vape Tricks You Can Learn Easily


In recent years, vaping has become increasingly popular because of several reasons. For example, the effects of vaping are less severe than those of marijuana and traditional cigarettes. Moreover, many use it as a form of recreation. 

One of the primary reasons it draws more people is it offers a variety of fun tricks, which appeal more to many teenagers. You can have a lot of fun learning these tricks, especially if you devote time to them. But which vape tricks are the easiest to learn?

It would be best if you kept up with the latest vape tricks to keep your vaping hobby on its toes. You’ll have your peers staring at you like a magician with all the tricks. You may be a novice vaper wondering where to begin. But in this post, you will learn how to become a vaping genius. Here are five vape tricks you can learn fast.

1. Ghost Hits Vape Trick


The ghost hit is a trick that simulates someone rewinding you after your exhale. After letting the cloud go for a moment, you bring it back. It’s like vaping backward, which can be weird if your observers aren’t expecting it. 

Here’s how you would do the ghost hit:

  • Take a significant hit from your slim dab pen vaporizer. Ensure you hold the vapor in your mouth for a few seconds so it becomes dense and smooth. 
  • After that, exhale it slowly without using much force. You aim to maintain a thick, gigantic cloud directly in front of your mouth. 
  • To bring back the hit, inhale deeply and quickly once you have an enormous cloud in front of you. 

Many easy vape tricks start with a ghost hit. It works well for those who want to create a complete vape performance act and have satisfying benefits and experience. One of the best ways to experience this is with cbd vapes. You’ll have a more potent high while getting showing your vaping skills.

2. Dragon Vape Trick

Whether you’re a new or an experienced vaper, the Dragon vape trick is great. A dragon beginner vape trick is excellent for showing off your vaping skills. It doesn’t require you to be an expert vaper, but you must practice them. It can be fun to add them to your vaping adventure.

The dragon vape trick is one of the latest trends in vaping. Learning the tricks is easy, but mastering them requires practice and patience. So, how would you perform it?

When performing the dragon trick, you exhale vapor simultaneously through your mouth and nose. You can accomplish this vaping trick by taking a long drag and letting it linger in your mouth for a couple of seconds. As you exhale, keep the corners of your mouth relaxed while keeping the center shut. 

3. Blowing An O

Blowing an O

The O-shape is one of the oldest vaping tricks. Because of its familiarity, it might seem like an easy trick, but mastering it takes a certain level of practice. But these steps will guide you through the process, making learning more accessible:

  • Drag your device gently, trying not to pull all the vapor into your lungs. Make sure you get as much as you can.
  • Making the O is tricky because you need to shape your mouth right. Ensure your tongue is flat at the bottom of your mouth as you form an O shape with your lips.
  • Using your throat, expel the vapor from your mouth. You only need to perform a brief sigh and a mini cough. 

Besides, you can improve this trick by adding speed and distance, adding a backspin with your tongue, and curling your lips to enhance the look of the rings.

4. Triangles Vape Trick

Vape tricks involving triangles are the simplest. The trick is simple to learn and is one of the first tricks people know when vaping. Despite its simplicity, it is one of the most impressive tricks that requires practice and patience. Besides, it introduces you to the control of your vapor, blowing smoke in specific directions, and even creating shapes with your clouds to get started in vaping.

Here’s how you can create a triangle vape trick:

  • Draw a drag from your vape and exhale the vapor. You must start on a flat surface.
  • As you exhale, continue to puff on the device until you’ve expelled all the vapor. It merges all three streams into one cloud before separating them into individual streams.

5. Bending Vape Trick

Bending vape tricks involve wrapping coils around other parts of your mod to create unique shapes. It would help if you had a mod with a removable battery to bend cool tricks. You can access the mod from the inside, allowing you to turn the wires.

First, make sure it tightly wraps your coils around one another. When working on these items, ensure they’re secured so they won’t come off. Afterward, remove the screws from your device either by hand or with a screwdriver. In cases where screws have a tight grip, you may need to use pliers.


It’s fun to perform vape tricks. With the above tricks, you can learn them quickly. Knowing them will amuse you and your friends during your next vaping session. A THC vape pen is a great way to improve your technique. 

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