5 Reasons Why You Need a Dedicated Server

With the world rapidly converting into a tech-based society, businesses have started adapting to online platforms to market their businesses. According to statistics, there are approximately 5 billion internet users in the world. As the numbers keep increasing significantly, more businesses are setting up websites to cater to the growing online community. More users mean more bandwidth and more lag. To prevent your customers from experiencing difficulties with your website, you can leverage the power of European Dedicated servers.

However, before we can dive into why you require a dedicated server, it’s essential to understand the meaning of a dedicated server.

What is a Dedicated Server?

This is a physical server that is provided by a hosting company, which businesses can rent. Choosing this dedicated server means having a dedicated physical server for your exclusive use rather than opting for a virtual/shared server. For shared servers, you’ll have to use them with hundreds of users on a similar physical server.

Now that we’ve looked at the meaning of a dedicated server, let’s dive into the five reasons you require a dedicated server.

Enhanced Security

Security is an essential aspect for the safety of any online business, especially if you’re an eCommerce business or if you collect sensitive data. A dedicated server guarantees that all your business information is safe, as the host company can protect you from any external threats. Shared servers are susceptible to various forms of hacks, viruses, and other risks that make it easy for anyone to breach your system.

These security breaches happen on shared servers because the hosting companies do not involve their users in their updates and firewall installations. The situation is entirely different with a dedicated server. A dedicated hosting company will ensure that you get sufficient information on any security updates done on your website.

While you’ll still be in charge of your server’s security, your hosting company still has several providers who help manage your dedicated servers. This type of management comes in handy, especially during security upgrades and software installation.

Faster Page Load Times

Statistics show that websites it takes no more than three seconds load time to discourage site visitors from spending more time learning about your business. Poor load times have a huge negative effect on how your website performs. If most of your visitors keep leaving your website before even learning more about your services, then you’ll have a serious problem.

With dedicated servers, you can boost your page load times. Every dedicated server comes with specifications that ensure your site isn’t overwhelmed even when there’s a large influx of visitors.

Overall Better Performance

Dedicated server providers offer their clients an exclusive platform without sharing any resources. You get to have a dedicated server all to yourself. With exclusivity comes faster applications and better performance compared to shared servers or cloud-based providers. While cloud-based providers offer businesses more storage, it doesn’t mean that it’s efficient.

With a better performing website, you can effectively and organically grow your business. You also don’t have to worry about search engines like Google not ranking your website. The best part about better performance means that more people can get to learn more about your business.

Future Growth and Load Balancing

The success of any business, including an online business, depends on its growth. And, who doesn’t want their business to grow? So, if you’re looking to grow your online business, then you’ll need to have a dedicated server. Take time and plan, as this ensures that there are no major ordeals when making the shift. However, ensure that you don’t make the switch in a hurry, which can be disastrous.

You can start by doing your research on the different dedicated servers available. Apart from planning for your future growth, it would help if you also considered your load balancing. With load balancing, you can efficiently distribute your workload on the dedicated server.


Unlike shared servers, dedicated servers are more cost-effective, and they offer you a better value in the long run. Your dedicated server provider will also handle everything you require. It’s also their responsibility to help fix any problems that may arise if something happens. Simply put, with a dedicated server, you get a complete in-house server with virtually no worries about maintaining or purchasing the server yourself. You could even buy dedicated servers with bitcoin, if you are into the cryptocurrency market .

So, if you’re ready to start your business website journey, ensure that you go for a dedicated web server. You will not only be guaranteed the benefits that come along with it, but you will also be confident that your information will be safe.


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