5 Reasons to Outsource IT Infrastructure Services

Reasons to Outsource

Innovation. Development. Technology. These could start the list of every company’s goals. However, being a modern, well-functioning enterprise or a start-up that works smoothly and conquers new markets with ease is much more difficult to achieve without an experienced technology partner. On your own, you can get stuck in administration work instead of focusing on fulfilling your business goals. There are some ways to solve this problem: hiring more people (and increasing the amount of administrative work) or delegating such tasks to others, which means outsourcing.

IT outsourcing is a well-known way to optimize business processes. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. An experienced IT services provider can make your company work better in key business areas. Why?

1: Expertise

It is possible to invest huge amounts of money, time, and resources in hiring people responsible for monitoring and user support. Nevertheless, there is a shortage of qualified IT staff on the market, and there is no need to waste the potential of employees on repetitive tasks, even if such tasks have to be done anyway as they are critical – can you work without a network connection, access to data, or under attack from hackers? Network or application monitoring, hosting or cloud platform, managing issues reported by users, securing data, configuring servers and workstations, updating systems, managing software licenses – there is much work and responsibility behind these duties. Give it to an experienced company which can organize it faster and more efficiently as they have had years of experience in providing such services and doing so is the core of their business. Choose an IT services provider which has been working on, improving, developing, testing, and completing projects for many clients locally and globally. They can easily navigate through cultures, time zones, and clients’ specific requirements, and it is certain they have dealt with issues you may not even imagine. Such a company can take care of your business too.

2: Quality

High quality comes with experience. A well-known, reliable IT services provider is more likely to build a good team. It is not only about the number of CVs they receive because of their authority and professional trust. A company specialized in IT outsourcing knows how to build a team and organize its work (how many agents do you need? What languages? What hours? How do you deal with sick leave and holidays? What contact center system to choose?) to make the processes run smoothly and efficiently. Customer satisfaction is critical for every company’s success, so make sure your end-users are served by the best service desk agents who know not only how to solve the issue, but also how to communicate with customers to make them feel understood.

3: Money

Cost optimization continues to be an important reason why entrepreneurs decide to outsource IT services, and since the pandemic is still influencing the business landscape, the actual location of a service provider has become less important than ever. When you outsource, you benefit from economy of scale, which means you buy the service (with agreed parameters and SLAs) from a company that owns and maintains infrastructure and has resources (hardware, licenses, employees, etc.) on a big scale – which means at a lower price. Thanks to savings made on support services (end-user support, service desk, network, or security monitoring) and on-demand access to highly qualified engineers, you can invest in developing your product. It’s a win-win. Your company gets access to better IT services and technologies (without spending too much money), while your customers and products have your full attention and are, therefore, of higher quality.

4: Time

Time is an asset and has to be used wisely. Recruiting, hiring, doing research to use the best possible tools for monitoring your infrastructure or managing tickets, preparing backups and more, takes not only money but also time. This is time you can spend designing new features of your products or building development strategies for new markets, both of which give potentially higher return on investment. Speaking of time, thanks to IT services outsourcing, you can create a more dynamic path to drive innovation and respond quickly to the constantly changing market and customers’ requirements. Do you need a rapid launch of new systems or the introduction of new functionalities to optimize supply chain processes related to higher market demand for your products? Under such circumstances, every day counts, and outsourcing is the most flexible solution in the face of suddenly emerging challenges and opportunities.

5: Security

Modern technologies can leverage your business – if you know how to use them properly. Cloud migration seems to be a natural step today, but you can easily find information about surprisingly high bills for cloud usage, malware attack, or data leakage. According to the Flexera State of the Cloud 2021 Report, 81 per cent of cloud users indicate that security is the main challenge for them*. A trusted IT services provider will help you avoid these problems by keeping your company resources safe. They will be able to proactively monitor all necessary elements of your company’s IT environment (security and network monitoring, backups and support services), and will detect any anomalies before they become a problem.

Conclusions: IT services work for your success even when you take a break

To develop a product that will be a market success, you need bright ideas, talented people, and full focus. These are all reinforced by the convenience of working on solid foundation – which means a well-functioning, reliable IT environment with fast and uninterrupted access to the resources your employees need, quick support, and transparent communication in the event of an issue. The right IT partner can provide your company with all of these things better, faster, and at a more attractive price than you can ever do alone.


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