5 Best Firms That Offer Crypto Legal Services In The USA

Bitcoin in the USA

Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner

Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner has put up a team to help businesses with the regulatory challenges that arose resulting the growth of virtual currencies and the use of blockchain technology.

This team focuses on the regulatory elements of online currencies and blockchains with current restrictions and past court cases by the Justice department against leading virtual currency platforms, FinCEN regulations against financial services companies and income transmitters, SEC enforcement actions against digital currency-focused collective alternative investments, and mining activities, and legislative emphasis on arising digital currencies. The Digital Currency Team also advises clients on prospective rules that the CFTC, FinCEN, SEC, and state authorities may impose on digital currency.

In addition to government investigations, Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner protects parties in complicated business situations involving digital currency.

Crypto Lawyers Corporation

Crypto Lawyers Corporation (CLC) is a law company located in California. It specializes in multiple crypto related law suits. Their services include business and securities law, cryptocurrencies, digital currency, initial coin offerings (ICOs), and security token offerings (STOs). Their legal experts guide you through the maze of rules surrounding the quickly developing crypto-world. CLC provides effective, professional, and creative technologies to domestic and international customers seeking profitable crypto, blockchain, and financial technology ventures. The strategy is to supply resources and counsel that enable customers to meet their business objectives while reducing legal risks. The services provided by them are:

  • ICO and STO legal approach
  • Organizational Structure
  • Registration & Jurisdiction
  • Projects involving initial coin offerings (ICOs) are subject to legal scrutiny.
  • Legal Advice for Cryptocurrency Exchanges
  • Documentation for the Token Sale
  • PPM Regulation


Dentons has become the greatest legal firm in the world by amount of attorneys and has the most branches of any law business in the world, encompassing every region, following its acquisition with Chinese law firm Dacheng in November 2015. Dentons offers an unrivalled worldwide reach, having offices in more than 207 locations covering 82 countries to assist you to traverse the classless society of blockchain. Important development and business area at the heart of DLT, the team comprises securities and technology attorneys.

Rimon Law firm

For many years, attorneys at Rimon’s financial services business have advised clients both domestically and internationally. More lately, they’ve added attorneys who specialize in providing advice on slashing regulatory and legal concerns that affect all actors in the current financial services ecosystem. To support customers in the fintech field, they depend on our experience in financial regulatory concerns, information protection, e/m-Commerce, payment networks, and sequencing technological transactions, as well as associated proprietary information.

The fintech team depends on skilled and experienced attorneys across many professions to undertake the “hard lifting” at a high value to clients, following Rimon’s service model. The team is made up of attorneys with extensive experience in law firms, as well as investment firms and regulatory bodies. Rimon’s ability to advise customers on banking regulation and proprietary information challenges, KYC compliance issues, digital and mobile payment systems, and more have been strengthened by recent hires.

Ogier Law firm

Ogier’s dedicated Digital, Blockchain, and Fintech team was formed specifically to aid clients functioning or investing in Fintech businesses, who want to enjoy the benefits that come with using an offshore structure, as well as clients instituting investment strategies and emerging businesses incorporating cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, or planning to invest in the industry.

Financial management and shareholders are becoming increasingly interested in the emergence of cryptocurrencies and digital assets, as they see that these new financial assets have the potential to provide considerable returns. The blockchain technology that enables virtual currency operations has a variety of uses in the investment fund industry, and blockchain technologies can revolutionize a variety of industries. They come across a lot of blockchain service offerings and the growth of decentralized economic models, and Ogier’s Digital, Blockchain, and Fintech team advise them on all elements of these developing frameworks from an offshore perspective.


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