5 Best Essay Editing and Proofreading Services (Professional and Original)


Writing, proofreading, and editing good essays is not the most difficult task, and yet not everyone can handle it quickly and efficiently. However, the Internet provides many options for platforms that can help you decide what kind of essay writing service you need and how much it will cost. Proofreading and editing services can be found on many websites. In fact, editing companies are quite developed nowadays, but how do you know which one is the best?

So we have prepared for you the list of the 5 best cheap professional services where your essays will be written only by professional proofreaders and editors.

A review of the best essay editing and proofreading services

So what proofreading and editing services do the Internet offer us? To make your search easier, we’ve selected 5 key text editing and proofreading services that are user-friendly and most in-demand lately. These include:

  1. Editorly
  2. PaperHelp
  3. Grade Miners
  4. Studdit
  5. Finest Essay

But, to make it easier for you to choose the right site for your task, we will describe each of them in more detail:

Editorly: high-quality writing, editing and proofreading services

One of the best services for proofreading texts, dissertations, legal documents, and similar. As for the cost, the price for proofreading services depends on the timing and volume of work. In a reputable company, you will get quality proofreading services, and a professional editor will complete your task without unnecessary difficulties and loss of personal time. In addition, this proofreading company provides discounts and a free plagiarism report to regular customers.

All assignments, which include proofreading and editing services, and, of course, are performed by highly qualified employees. You can be assured of quality and compliance with the specified deadlines. When placing an order, you will be helped by a customer service specialist, who will also answer all your questions and offer affordable rates.

This site has three types of your personal profile:

  • Academic (in case you need to proofread or edit an academic letter or essay)

It includes proofreading and editing dissertations and academic documents

  • Apprentice (if you need an online service to proofread or edit university or college papers)

Includes editing and academic proofreading of a research paper, editing and proofreading essays, and any other papers

  • Personal (when there is a need to edit creative projects)

Includes proofreading emails, personal statements and editing

Accordingly, you can choose an option that fits your needs. You can read more about proofreading services on the website.

The site will also help you with the proper formatting style needed to get your document accepted into the journal of your choice. During the ordering process, their system will ask you to choose a specific style or formatting rules used by the target document or a standard formatting style in English writing (Harvard, Chicago, AMA, APA, MLA, etc. ).

You can also choose not to apply a style or a particular format. Professional editors will apply the style you choose to all parts of the text grammar errors, ensuring that references and all other conventions are correctly followed.

When you place an order for editorial services, you can specify which language you prefer: American English, British English, or Australian English. If you do not choose either of these languages, professional editors will stick to the English style of writing you are currently using. If the editor has any questions about this, they will contact you.

Also, Editorly has certificates confirming their high standards. And, of course, it has a lot of positive reviews because only qualified editors work, with good proofreading marks and editing quality. Therefore it is worthy of your attention, and it is definitely a reliable essay editing service.

The main feature of the platform, it is customer-oriented because all employees are the most respectful to customers and can help you solve any difficulties and help you achieve the desired result. You can make sure of this by browsing the detailed comments on the website.

PaperHelp: an experienced and reliable online writer

This service will help you write film reviews, presentations, reflection reports, research papers, academic papers, and term papers on any topic of any complexity.

The price is calculated depending on the type of assignment and is divided into three parts:

  • Academic letter which is written from scratch
  • Editing and proofreading, paper improvement
  • Calculations (problem-solving)

The service is also divided into 4 academic levels

  • Middle school (suitable for students, includes help with writing presentations, projects, and the like)
  • Bachelor’s degree (includes a two-year university program)
  • Bachelor (any bachelor’s degree)
  • Professional (master level and above)

Ordering is done in three steps. You fill out the form at the top of the screen and can go straight to secure payment. After that, you can track the process of working on your document by going to the top control panel. After a certain time, you get a sample of the work. You can make sure that it meets your requirements, and in case you need editing, this service will be provided to you for free.

This site has several major advantages, such as round-the-clock customer support, a money-back guarantee, and nice loyalty program bonuses.

There is also a fairly useful feature of free estimation of the cost of writing your unique text. You can send your order and, in a split of a second, get a response, which will include all the details and cost.

Grade Miners: a reliable essay writing service

GradeMiners is a writing company that provides affordable writing from scratch for students worldwide using the best proofreading tools. Each writer on the team provides thematic, meaningful essays and research papers that help students achieve their academic goals. More free time and higher grades are the two main benefits you can enjoy if you hire them as your essay writing assistants.

The best platform for students who need help with writing essays. Grade Miners offer a variety of text choices for writing for any deadlines. There are always professional writers, and you can be sure of the quality of the writing.

You immediately see a table on the site, according to which the order is calculated. First, you need to choose the type of your text. After that, you select the level of difficulty of writing:

  • High School
  • College
  • Baccalaureate
  • Master
  • Ph.

The best virtues of the site:

  • Free access to essay examples and templates. High-quality proofreading.
  • Direct contact. Discuss the work directly with your writer.
  • A short college essay can be ready within 3 hours. Exceptional quality is guaranteed.
  • Follow up on your order and get it right away.

The average rating of the site is 4.7 out of 5. It represents the quality of service, professionalism, and customer approval.

The site also gives you a 100% guarantee of confidentiality, originality of the text, the delivery of work within the stipulated time, and a refund of your money in case of non-compliance with these conditions.

The company has been operating for more than 10 years and has many satisfied regular customers. After all, the team has more than 3,500 experts who will process your orders. Highly qualified editors will help you solve any problems and punctuation mistakes.

The best quality of the company is pleasant prices for the services and availability 24/7. You can communicate with the writer without giving your name, which confirms the fact of complete anonymity, and, of course, your personal data will be completely confidential and will not be disclosed to the author or other employees.

Grade Miners offers every new customer a 15% discount on their first order. And if you order more than two pages long, you can save $30-50 or even more thanks to their nice first customer discount. Also, when you become their regular customer, you’ll save 5% on each essay, which you can spend later on the new essay. The prices will become quite pleasant with each subsequent order with this site!

Studdit: any academic assignments

This online proofreading service helps make the daily life of students easier. Thanks to this service, students don’t need to sit up all night over the essay, because you can entrust this task to professionals who will handle it much faster and of higher quality. The quality of editing will always be top-notch, and you will always get the best proofreading services.

Studdit is a versatile site that will help you with creating presentations, writing reports, term papers, dissertations, and even lecture notes online. You can easily place an order for online proofreading services, and the completion status will come to you in a message.

 Studdit has many advantages:

  • More than 100,000 positive reviews
  • More than 100 subjects on which texts could be written
  • More than 200,000 customers were ordering again
  • Professional proofreading and quality proofreading
  • A lot of clients brought their friends and acquaintances

You can choose a text on any topic and discuss with the writer all the details of writing in real-time. The writer will take into account all your wishes and, if necessary, can edit the text.

The company can give you guarantees of complete confidentiality and originality of the writing. In case of difficulties and questions, you can contact the 24-hour support service, and the manager will be able to answer any of your questions. They will open to correct all the language errors and inaccuracies made.

The site’s main feature is an extensive list of writing different texts, starting from presentations to essays and abstracts. You can count with confidence on the quality of the order.

Finest Essay: Finding the best writer for your paper

This site will help you find the best writer and subject matter expert, and you will get the most unique and high-quality essay for an affordable price.

You will have access only to professional writers who go through a rigorous selection process and have a master’s degree, provide good sentence structure, and can write texts of any complexity, from conventional to academic writing.

Your personal data will be unconditionally protected and will not be shared with third parties. After all, even the writers themselves do not have access to them. The site only needs access to email to log in and receive order status notifications.

Finest Essay can provide a wide range of services and pleasant prices. This service has quite friendly prices for services and a perfect balance between price and quality. Regular customers receive discounts on proofreading, promotions, and other pleasant bonuses.

The originality of the content will also be as elaborate and unique as possible. Regardless of the level of complexity, your work will be plagiarism-free, as all texts are checked on professional sites. You can safely trust the writing of your paper on this site.

Key features of each site:

  • Editorly: high-quality writing, editing and proofreading services
  • PaperHelp: an experienced and reliable online writer at a friendly price
  • Grade Miners: maximum speed essay writing service
  • Studdit: meet any academic assignments with complete confidentiality
  • Finest Essay: Finding the best and most qualified writer for your paper

The process of editing and proofreading essays and how to make the right decision when choosing this type of service

After we’ve looked at what services exist for proofreading and editing essays, it’s worth understanding what the writing process itself looks like, how to make the right decision when choosing a certain type of service, and how to understand that particular service is right for you.

The main thing is to analyze all the sites correctly. After all, it would be wrong to go to the first link suggested by Google for the query “will someone write my essay for me.” You might be lucky, but an hour of additional examination will eliminate any doubts.

  • Browse the official websites. The most important factors are:
  • A money-back guarantee.
  • Customer safety.
  • Editing of the text in case there are errors by the author.

These guarantees are given by any company that values its reputation.

  • See reviews and write reviews of essays. Independent review platforms like Editorly and Studdit provide plenty of information for analysis. And PaperHelp and Grade Miners can get you the most professional writing of any complexity.

You may have to consider several options, but the time spent on the analysis will pay off.

Why would you use such services?

Each service provided has its own characteristics and, of course, not all of them may be suitable for you. For someone, the work must be done by a certified professional, and for someone, it is the human factor or the cost of the service that is important.

Reviewing companies should not necessarily give you the best option to turn to. Above all, it should keep you from making the wrong choice. Some companies don’t trust their users, providing them with substandard documents and even plagiarized results, pretending to be expert editors. Fortunately, we have plenty of high-quality editing services nowadays, so all such problems immediately become public if something comes up. So all self-respecting companies do not allow themselves to do work of poor quality, and the list of these companies includes the five sites listed above.

How much does it cost to edit your essay?

Price is always a consideration. Despite realizing that quality has its price and free services will never truly be free, students are looking for cheaper options. Queries such as “write me an essay cheap” are among the fairly popular Google tags. How do essay writing companies respond to these needs?

In fact, the best services can’t write text cheaply. Also, the best teams can always offer additional means to lower the price. It could be some sort of essay discount code or a personalized discount activated by request.

Typically, the average price per page essay for a college student is about $12-$15 for a 7-day deadline, but the cost of work can vary depending on the length and complexity of your order. On longer timeframes, the rates are even lower. This may not be a “writing an essay for free” option, but the price is pretty reasonable for a standard assignment.

Looking at the known types of editing and proofreading services, you can say that the prices are all different, as each platform has its own characteristics. You should choose the service that specializes in your task more than others to achieve the result and quality of work you want.

Is there a customer service desk?

When ordering work for a client, the abstract must be done well and on time. Therefore, it is about protecting the client’s rights and the ability to get help in emergency situations, as not all platforms can do the job well, and you would like to be guaranteed.

Of the above sites, customer support is present at PaperHelp and Studdit, which will be able to work around the clock and answer your questions at any time.

Essay writing services and essay editing services: what’s the difference?

Essay writing services and essay editing services have their differences. The key point of the essay writing service is the precise action on the plan, which is provided by the client. The essay editing service offers the same execution as the customer’s plan but with a finished text. The professional makes adjustments to the originality of the text and directly works on errors that may have been made in the text.

The pricing policy for these services is also different, and in most cases, writing comes out a little more expensive than editing a finished text. Text editing implies making necessary corrections to the paper, writing tasks, analysis of the translation as a whole, its adaptation to the peculiarities of the language, and various linguistic nuances.

The editor’s task includes the following items:

  1. check and eliminate stylistic errors in the text;
  2. make sure that the information is truthful, and the terms are used appropriately;
  3. eliminate logical errors in the content. If necessary, divide it into meaningful blocks, sections and subsections
  4. increase the information content of the text, that is, remove unnecessary words and expressions, lengthy;
  5. choose clearer wording and speech constructions that will not affect the meaning of the original.

And when writing an essay, a professional also follows the client’s plan. Unlimited revision considers the client’s wishes. In case of discrepancies with the plan or other requirements, the writer edits the text to full compliance with all the required standards specified by the client when writing the assignment, academic document, and writing plan.

Price comparison of 5 platforms


Since this platform deals exclusively with editing and proofreading, the price will depend on the word count.

The minimum order is 500 words; editing and proofreading will cost $23 and up by increasing the word count required for further corrections.

The price also depends on the deadline. For a deadline of 1 week, the rate remains unchanged, and if you are tight on a deadline, the price increases by 1.5, and with a deadline of 1 day, the price will increase.


This service focuses not only on editing but also on solving writing problems and essay writing itself. The price range depends on the assignment’s direction, the task’s complexity (for school, university, single or professional), and, of course, the deadline. The price difference comes out from $7 for light format text editing to $25 for writing texts in a professional style format.

In the case of non-performance or inadequacy of the work performed, your funds will be refunded.

Grade Miners

This company deals with essay writing, and there are many variations to choose from, from the usual essay to coursework and dissertation.

The cost, as elsewhere, is calculated according to the time needed for the job, the difficulty of the work, and the type of test. The price for a one-page essay for high school is $13.50, but if this is your first order, you can save a couple of dollars. Such promotion attracts quite a few new users. And of course, in case of any problems on the author’s side with formatting services, your funds will be refunded.


This platform deals not only with writing papers but also with proofreading, editing, and calculations.

A classic one-page essay at the high school level will cost $13.

As for editing or proofreading such text, the price starts at $8 per page. And the cost of calculations starts from $20 and above.

This pricing policy is quite competitive and worthy of consideration for most students and high school students.

Finest Essay

If you want to save money and you are not so urgent to fast execute your order, you can make a month’s deadline.

Then the usual one-sheet essay for high school will cost about $20. You

can also order a resume, the price of which ranges from $23 and up, depending on the complexity and specifics of the writing. The site also has some discounts for regular customers, thanks to which you can save a little money on orders.

The reliability of such services:

The reliability of the services offered above is essential for the client because one wants to get a decent job at a reasonable price.

Now there are a lot of sites that are engaged in scams, and after a bad experience, there is no desire to try to look for something new. And so we have created a selection where you can choose the site yourself, with the confidence that any of the sites mentioned will professionally perform your order and you will not lose your money in vain.

One of the best checks for sites is customer feedback. Of course, there are no sites with absolutely 100% positive reviews, but if there is more than 90% of customer appreciation, you can already be more confident that the site is reliable.

These services provided by the above sites are certainly performed at a high level, and you can trust them to do a time-consuming job and spend your precious time on yourself and other activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the turnaround time?

Basically, during the ordering process, each site provides a choice of the required period for which the work is to be done. Accordingly, the faster you need to do the job, the more expensive it will be when you pay.

But if your order is quite large, it is advisable to discuss deadlines with the company’s writer that will deal with your paper. After all, it is not always physically possible to fulfill an order of 20,000 words in one day. Authors always try to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible, but when it corresponds to the workload and the time provided, it will be done even better.

What is the average cost of editing and proofreading?

The best services can write essays for a small fee. They charge per page, and the most popular assignments, such as essays, don’t take that much time. In addition, the best teams always offer extra money to make it cheaper. It can be some sort of essay discount code or a personalized discount activated on demand.

The cost of editing and proofreading an essay depends on factors such as academic level, word/page count, deadlines, and level of difficulty. And the average cost of editing is usually $3-$5 per 100 words. Therefore, it is crucial to clarify all aspects of the work that are included in the price that the writer is asking for the job before placing an order.

Is it legal to use such services?

First, it is essential to note that ordering essays online is completely legal. The student pays a professional to write the essay, and upon completion, the essay becomes the student’s property.

If the question of morality does not concern you, you can buy the work online without fear. Although online writing services provide considerable assistance, the fact that the core content is retained is not the student’s job.

Buying essays online is not illegal. The most important thing is how the student uses academic writing services.

I need to check my essay right away. What’s the best option?

You can go to any of the platforms listed and describe exactly what you want: editing, correcting, or enhancing originality.

Editorly is one of the sites mentioned above, which deals exclusively with the correction and editing of texts, respectively the company has more experience in checking papers. But other companies will also be able to provide you with the most professional assistance in reviewing the text.

You can browse each of them, compare prices and client feedback, look at customer reviews, and choose the site that works best for you.

When do I need to use essay editing and proofreading services?

You can use these services at any time. Students often use these services because of the simple lack of time, so to get everything done, they turn to such platforms.

There are platforms that operate around the clock, and you can contact a manager at any time of the day or night. These companies include Paperhelp, Studdit, and Grademiners.

You can choose any of them, depending on the assignment you need to complete.


Many people do not know how to write research papers, even in their fields of study. Today’s students are very lucky because they have all the wonders of technological progress. Besides, typing is faster than writing by hand. Fortunately, they can purchase essays from reputable writing services like those described above. And not just students but anyone who needs quality paper, editing, or proofreading. These companies have professional writers who proofread and edit your project to ensure it’s exactly what you need. You can calculate the cost and decide if your time is worth it to save money or if it’s better to spend the money and free up a few hours of your time to do something that requires your attention right now.


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