5 Benefits of Outstaffing to Ukraine


When it comes to building software, your idea is the most important. This is because there are easy and cost-effective ways to bring your ideas to life without necessarily knowing or understanding how to write code- outstaffing is one of such ways. Outstaffing is an easy and cheap way to build a dedicated development team or rather augment your existing team. It is usually acceptable to think about Bangladesh, the Philippines, or India when it comes to choosing outstaffing services. But today the situation has changed, and more and more European companies would rather go for the Ukrainian IT-marker and companies e.g outstaffing Ukraine. Ukraine has indeed become the top country in Europe for outsourcing software development.

When is Ukrainian Outstaffing most useful?

  1. Ukrainian Outstaffing is most useful when your project needs rapid improvement.
  2. When your project doesn’t have the required technical need, and you need specific technical skills not internally available in your team.
  3. When your project needs to be completed on short notice.
  4. When local salary is high, and you are working on a tight and low budget, especially when you are trying to limit the time and cost.

So, what are the benefits of outstaffing to Ukraine?

1. It’s comparatively low cost.

Outstaffing in Ukraine is a cost-efficient way to develop a team for your project or augment an existing in-house team. Outstaffing requires significantly less investment than employing in-house developers, it is very similar to employing a contractor, a model that many businesses already use with temporary staffing agencies. It can be done fast without stressful interviews, additional HR costs, and the stress of convincing candidates to join your company. Outstaffing allows you to utilize top-notch talent at affordable rates. It is cheaper to bring in a Ukranian specialist with extensive experience than to take on the salary and costs associated with employing locally in the United States or other western countries.

Yet, some companies prefer outsourcing rather then building the team in Ukraine, so learn the differences it’s worth checking outstaffing vs outsourcing article by ProCoders.

2. Vast talent pool with the right technical skills; a strong reputation for quality.

 Ukrainian IT Talent is World-Class and is one of the top destinations globally for IT development talent and, with a concentration of schools dedicated to IT. Ukrainian outstaffing firms can usually keep a pool of developers in reserve to respond quickly to clients who need them. Also, Ukrainian outstaffing allows you to add highly skilled developers to your team. Ukrainian developers are indeed skilled in various aspects of technologies and have a superb level of competence in all of the most popular programming languages, which include; Java, PHP, Javascript and Python.

3. Convenient time zone

Ukraine is located in the GMT+3 time zone, which makes working with European clients convenient. Also, GMT+3 has good daytime overlap with North American time zones. Ukrainian IT outstaffing firms can also adjust their staff’s hours to improve staff availability and communication with North American clients. Ukrainian IT outstaffing firms are eager to work with western companies and try their best to be available when they need their service.

4. High level of experience

The high demand for Ukrainian IT professionals has led many Ukrainian developers to build up a strong practical experience creating room for industrial learning of specific practices and requirements. Because many of these IT professionals have significant industry experience, bringing in a Ukrainian IT professional can often help to quickly build your project and improve its quality.

5. Easy communicating skills

Most software developers in Ukraine are fluent in English, plus companies that are into Ukrainian outstaffing will only hire ukrainian developers with good English skills. For an affordable rate, outstaffing provides your company with the services of a qualified and dedicated developer with English language skills.


It’s now obvious why Ukraine is considered to be an outstanding center for start-ups and foreign entrepreneurs; experienced workers, low prices on high-quality services, favorable conditions and time zones etc. Besides, the number of IT specialists is rapidly rising while the size of compensation remains on the same level that is much less than what an employed person would demand. So it is a good start to try all the advantages of the Ukrainian IT market right now.


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