5 Benefits of Establishing Your Business in London

While the capital cities across the globe may be a little quieter of late, that shouldn’t put you off considering these locations to base your business. In particular, London is an ideal spot to set up shop, whether you’re a start-up or fully-fledged company looking to expand.

Take a look at some of the key benefits of establishing your enterprise in London:

Improve your reach

If your business is expanding and wants access to readily accessible infrastructure and networks, the capital is a great choice. It has ten major transport hubs and a well-known underground and overground rail system. Business people flock to the city to network and connect with other industry leaders. Plus, it has a unique position geographically in that it sits close to Europe and the other side America, and you can be in these prominent locations within the day. London’s time zones also overlap locations such as Hong Kong, New York, and Frankfurt, plus many others to enable communication within the working day.

Room to expand

While space in any city may feel limited, you’ll be surprised at just how much you can achieve and grow in London. There are numerous top locations worldwide, from business hubs in Canary Wharf to trendy office rental in Soho London. The choice is endless, and each space has access to convenient public transport and a myriad of opportunities. Check out the selection available at The Workplace Company for more inspiration.

Access a talented and skilled workforce

In London, there’s the potential to gain some of the most talented and innovative people for your business. The diverse workforce gives you the chance to select suitable personnel and resources suited to the task at hand. The location also enables staff to travel from outer city spots to provide you with a broader pool of talent. The beauty of diversity in the workplace gives you the advantage of understanding your customers and clients better. In the long term, this will boost your profits and reputation.

Government help

The UK government has a range of initiatives to help small and medium-sized business. Even during the pandemic, funding is available to support enterprises to ride the wave. Some of the main ways to benefit from government help come in the form of Start-Up Loans. There are also opportunities to reduce the tax burden with R & D tax credits, subsidised broadband, and capital allowances.

Networking opportunities

London is a hub for networking opportunities and industry conferences to support your business. The accessibility of the locations means that people come from far and wide to meet like-minded people and network about potential partnerships and educational experiences. While the current situation may have changed how people network, once everything settles, it will once again be a spot that people converse and develop their business opportunities.

There are plenty of reasons to choose London for your business start-up or growth plans. With the above elements and the multitude of opportunities, the city will become a bridge to help you connect with businesses in many sectors.


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