Monetization Of Arcade Games

Monetization Of Arcade Games

It’s no secret that any digital game today can be easily monetized. And the bottom line is that it’s not even one way. Having your own game, you can earn income in several ways at once, because the development of a game or application is considered such a prestigious occupation today. Let’s talk about the types of monetization of games.

In-game currency

We are sure that if you have ever played an online game, you know what we are talking about. For example, many Facebook games have their own premium currency. Well, the task for developers is quite simple. You need to create a base currency in the game, and then add any goods that gamers will be able to purchase only for a separate currency, which also needs to be bought.

Advertising or rejection of it

Many games and applications practice such an option as a paid subscription to the ad-free version. A lot of people are attracted to such a move, but you must agree that solitaire for free no ads sounds much more attractive to the user, because there will be a large part of the audience that will go to the kennel. While just advertising in an adequate amount is a very working strategy. Stable, transparent income.

Unavailable characters, items, or modes

If you introduce new characters, modes or items into an existing game, it will diversify the game for fans. Even if a person has completed the entire game, it will be interesting for him to look at it from a different angle. Introducing new characters that look different, behave differently, or have some unique ability will help the developer benefit from the game.

Extra lives

If the gameplay of your game is based on a limited number of moves or lives, you can use the following: when a user has lost and wants to try to replay, offer him an additional move or life in exchange for premium currency. The key to the successful implementation of the free-to-play model is the ability to offer the right purchase at the right time. This approach is especially important not only for arcade games like Solitaire Social, but also for any other type of games.

Sponsored Games and CPI

When you create a game, notify users that other people are making similar games. This is a good opportunity to earn money or exchange mutual promotion with another game developer.

A simple option on the menu screen “More games” shows sponsored games or partner games, which is very useful. If you advertise another game through an advertising network, you get paid according to the CPI principle, which is calculated from the number of installations.

Multiplayer mode

Methods that are suitable for monetization of multiplayer games are not suitable for single-player games. When a lot of people are involved in the game, the paradigms of psychology regarding why players spend money change. By playing on these changes, the game can be successfully monetized.

Here are at least six ways to make a profit from computer games and applications. Of course, you will find a lot of other ways, the main thing is to search, develop and improve! Great success and high earnings!


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