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The Road to Sustainable Business Mobility

September 19, 2014 • Business Mobility & E-Commerce, Climate Change, Global Business, SPECIAL FEATURES, Strategic Spotlight, STRATEGY & MANAGEMENT, SUSTAINABILITY & ETHICS, TECHNOLOGYComments (0)

Interview with Carsten Kwirandt In this day and age, sustainability must be on the agenda of every organisation – particularly when it comes to their mobility needs. Below, Alphabet International’s Head of Marketing and Business Development, Carsten Kwirandt, shares unique insight into the company’s approach to helping organisations decrease their

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Envisioning the Opportunities Presented by the Resource Revolution

September 19, 2014 • Climate Change, Emerging Ideas, INNOVATION, Social Impact, SUSTAINABILITY & ETHICSComments (0)

By Stefan Heck and Matt Rogers Conventional wisdom predicts stagnating economic growth, extreme resource depletion, accelerating commodity price inflation, and increasing pollution as consuming classes in emerging markets grow. Below, Stefan Heck and Matt


Succession Redefined: Family Business Succession in the 21st Century

September 19, 2014 • SPECIAL FEATURES, Strategic Spotlight, Succession Planning, SUSTAINABILITY & ETHICSComments (0)

By Richard Shrapnel In this article – the final in the Succession Series by Baker Tilly International – the author considers how business succession has been redefined, the rewards available to those that get it right, the challenges they will have to


Better Be a Baller: The Coming Talent Gap May be the Opposite of What Many Fear

September 18, 2014 • Global Business, Social Impact, Talent Management, Team Managment, TECHNOLOGYComments (0)

By Christopher Surdak The concept of Big Data has rapidly emerged as web and telecoms-based networking has expanded on a global scale. Christopher Surdak explores how this could affect the job market in terms of the population’s talent, skill and expertise,


Public-Value Exchanges – New Platforms for Matching Capital to Social Need

July 17, 2014 • Emerging Ideas, Entrepreneurship, INNOVATION, Social Impact, SUSTAINABILITY & ETHICSComments (0)

By William D. Eggers and Paul Macmillan New models of exchange are critical to the solution economy. They hold the secret to attracting capital of all types and from all sources and applying it effectively to societal problems. Below, William D. Eggers and


Crowdsourcing Disaster Response: Mobilizing Social Media for Urban Resilience

July 9, 2014 • Social Impact, Social Media, SUSTAINABILITY & ETHICS, TECHNOLOGYComments (0)

By Thérèse F. Tierney As urban populations continue to expand worldwide, natural disasters are precipitating increased challenges to public health, welfare, and safety. Informal methods, such as crowdsourcing, can provide real-time data enabling quick


Big Data Takes On Big Weather

March 2, 2014 • Big Data & Analytics, Climate Change, SUSTAINABILITY & ETHICS, TECHNOLOGYComments (0)

By Djeevan Schiferli, IBM Some European cities are turning to Big Data to not only predict the weather and its potential impact, but also to address public safety and business concerns that accompany adverse conditions. Below, Djeevan Schiferli argues that


The Solution Economy: A New Way to Solve Social Problems

January 20, 2014 • Emerging Ideas, INNOVATION, Social Impact, SUSTAINABILITY & ETHICSComments (0)

By William D. Eggers and Paul Macmillan In recent years an entire economy of societal problem solvers have emerged to tackle old problems in new ways. Below, William D. Eggers and Paul Macmillan discuss a rapidly growing and evolving solution economy in which


The HUMAN Brand: How We Relate to People, Products and Companies

November 8, 2013 • Marketing & Consumers, SUSTAINABILITY & ETHICSComments (0)

By Chris Malone & Susan T. Fiske Social science research tells us that over 80 percent of our judgments can be predicted by fundamental warmth and competence perceptions. Below, Chris Malone and Susan T. Fiske discuss how the application of warmth and


Leading towards Change of Ethics and Caring: Resisting Temptation and Reaping the Benefits

November 7, 2013 • Emerging Ideas, INNOVATION, Social Impact, SUSTAINABILITY & ETHICSComments (0)

By Riane Eisler, Simon L. Dolan & Mario Raich Businesses stand at a crossroads, and our current systems are not sustainable given the present economic and environmental crises. In this article, Riane Eisler, Simon L. Dolan and Mario Raich suggest that