WOBI announces the first 100% online seminar with Tom Peters taking place on June 23-25

This is the first of many digital events to come that will seek to positively impact the business world.

WOBI is hosting its first 100% online event, WOBI on Change Management, with Tom Peters, one of the world’s most influential Management experts. The event will take place on June 23-25 with the objective of helping business and executives to successfully face the management and organizational challenges resulting from the current crisis.

This is one of a number of innovative digital initiatives that WOBI | World of Business Ideas has developed as part of its mission to provide the business community with world class leadership and management ideas. The seminar will help executives in their approach to understand of change management. This is a topic currently more relevant than ever, both at a professional and personal level. Peters’ will speak about how to develop compelling leadership for change, tips for driving innovation to meet these challenges and how to implement change through effective execution.

The event will be divided in 3 live, online sessions, each one of one hour and a half long, on June 23th, 24th and 25th (from 11:00AM to 12:30PM ET). To learn more about the program, pricing options and current promotions, you can write to info.us@wobi.com or visit WOBI on Change Management’s website (www.wobi.com/online-events).



Tom Peters is a true management revolutionary whose goal is to inspire people to change the face of business. He’s among WOBI’s most respected speakers and one of the most influential management thinkers of all time. Peters’s work over the years has centered on convincing leaders to focus on the basic drivers of all successful businesses throughout time: people, customers, values, action-execution, and the self-renewing entrepreneurial spirit.



WOBI is a global business content hub – a place where experiences and knowledge converge. Based on a belief that knowledge is the ultimate competitive advantage, WOBI has worked for over 30 years to bring executives the keys to sustaining growth for their companies by curating the very best in business thought leadership.


WOBI has been strengthening and increasing its online offering through its Executive Learning Platform, WOBI Education. Their online courses have been a great success both among companies and individual professionals, who choose them to promote learning and improve business skills in their organization.




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