Why UAE Is an Excellent Place To Buy a Car


We all know that buying a car is a complex process simply because it’s a big investment. If you decide to buy a new car, you will have to spend top dollar, and for most people, this is too expensive. This is why many people believe it is much better to purchase a car from the used car market. If you’re planning to buy a car, the UAE is probably the best place to do so. Whether you’re looking for a new or a used car, the UAE market has excess supply, therefore there are some great deals to be found. 

Time is an important factor to consider when purchasing a car in the UAE. Just like anywhere there are specific times of the year when you can find discounts and promotions.

Let’s take a look at a few occasions when it’s the best time to purchase a car in the UAE. 

National Holidays

Just like in any other country, national holidays are the best time to purchase a used vehicle in the UAE. During holidays,  people are willing to sell their cars for a smaller price than the real value. This is mainly because people like to reward themselves with something special during a holiday, and there is nothing better than a new car. 

A great aspect of these vehicles is that they are usually in great condition. This means you won’t just be buying a car for a lower price but you will be buying a car that is in great condition. 



Ramadan is the biggest festival celebrated across the UAE. During the festival, car dealers offer huge discounts, bonuses, and interest rates for new vehicles. Naturally, many people take advantage of this period to buy and sell their previous cars.

This means that the UAE market will be overloaded with almost brand new cars that you can buy for a fraction of a price. 

End of the Year

The end of the year is also a good time to purchase a used vehicle in the UAE. Mainly, car salons are getting rid of their older models, and so all the models from 2021 will need to be sold as soon as possible. However, this usually doesn’t happen in reality, and so salons need to sell their old models on the used-car market.

If you grab an offer such as this, you will probably get a brand new vehicle for an unbelievable price. This is why the end of the year is probably the best time to search for a used car in the UAE. However, you must be aware that other people will also be scouting for such great deals. You will have to act quickly or someone else will grab the vehicle of your dreams. If you lack experience in buying a used car, you should check out companies like Carzaty UAE as they can quickly help you find great deals on used cars.  

During the Year 

Believe it or not, you can find great deals on used cars anytime in the UAE. Some numerous places and dealers sell used cars for discount prices throughout the whole year. These vehicles are also in great condition and it is almost the same as buying a new car. 

Summer Offers

During the summer, most expatriates in UAE decide to travel. Because of this, car dealers and manufacturers offer lesser interest rates, lower prices, and insurance offers as the need for cars is less during the summer. What’s more, during this time of year, car dealers are known to create auctions, which are a great opportunity to bargain your desired model. 


Before you set your foot in a car salon, you should first do your research on the features, specifications, and models you think that suit your needs. Knowing what you need is a huge plus in your negotiations, as you will be able to rely on real data rather than the opinion of the salesman. 

Once you’ve narrowed your search to a few vehicles, you should go to the dealers and experience the car in real life. Just because it suits your needs, it doesn’t mean you will be happy with it. Therefore, sit inside the car, adjust the seat, and inspect the car’s overall feel. 


Don’t be afraid to negotiate with car dealers. Remember that they are eager to sell as many cars as possible and that negotiations are a part of their job. Always ask what kind of deals they are willing to offer when you buy one of their cars. They might not make any money off the cost of the vehicle, however, they might offer you extended servicing packages that add value to your purchase.


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