Why is Nigeria Considered Number 1 Sports Betting Country in the World?


Sports betting in Nigeria has become pervasive since late 2000s, although the amended National Lottery Regulations 2007 is the prevailing gambling law across the country. Out of over two hundred million inhabitants, about 60 million citizens stake on their favourite teams yearly. Nationals have transferred their passion for football into betting on their favourite teams locally and internationally.

Sports betting bookmakers fight for market share. There may be over 40 legal bookmakers serving Nigerian iGaming fans as of 2022. This page summarizes the sports betting markets and Nigerian bettors to reveal why Nigeria is considered the number 1 sports betting country in the world.

The Prevailing Gambling Law in Nigeria

The betting laws in Nigeria are The Gaming Machines Act 1977, the National lottery Act 2005, and the amended National Lottery Regulations 2007. The various states also have betting laws guiding gambling. However, The National Lottery Regulatory Commission regulates gambling services across the country. The commission supervises all gambling—casino, lottery, and sports gambling.

To bet through legally recognized bookmakers, check their websites to confirm that the operator has an operating license to provide gambling services to Nigerians and bet responsibly on various betting markets.

Diverse Betting Markets for Bettors

Nigeria lacks many professional sports leagues for Nigerian bettors, unlike foreign markets. Nonetheless, the absence of many local leagues to place a bet does not hinder gambling enthusiasts from betting on the best squads locally and internationally. Gambling sites, where Nigerians can place bets, are vast, and live betting odds offer better chances to enhance their bets.

Nigerians bet on teams in the local league and CAF-organized CAF Champions League. Bettors also place bets on FIFA-organized matches like the World Cup and more sophisticated International Leagues. The bookmaker provides gamblers a pass to bet on the outcomes of the English Premier League.

Sports leagues like the National Basketball league, table tennis, and volleyball leagues are available to Nigerians. However, betting sites in Nigeria primarily offer football betting markets to Nigerian gambling enthusiasts.

Professional Local Leagues and the Nigerian Bettors

Nigerian football fans are ardent about their national and local teams. When they lose, anguish is visible on fans’ faces. The Nigerian Professional Football League is a developing league and has not earned internationally exposure. Yet, players betting in Nigeria gamble on these regional competitions.

Unfortunately, Nigeria’s National team did not qualify for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar 2022. This doesn’t hinder their betting fans to find the quickest WC betting sites online. Thankfully, their National team have the CAF, the African Cup of Nations slated for 2024 in Nigeria to redeem their image. That contest will give bettors regional betting prospects.

Nigerians bet on the outcomes of foreign matches in the English Premier League, the Spanish Serie A, and the Bundesliga. Also, gambling fans bet inside in-play and ante-post betting markets and on Tennis and Baskets ball leagues.

Tennis and Baskets Ball Leagues Betting Opportunity

Online sports betting created possibilities for betting enthusiasts globally. Sportsbooks offer Nigerians tennis wagering opportunities. As a matter of fact, Nigerian online bettors now place bets on global Tennis competitions like the ATP and WTA Tour. Players can also bet on the ITF Challenger, The Grand Slam, and the Junior circuits. Gambling fans equally bet on the Basketball market.

The regional Nigerian Basketball leagues are not as mature as the foreign basketball league—the American NBA and the WNBA. Hence, Nigerian sports books provide Basketball markets for Nigerians. However, the regional and basketball leagues provide Nigerian gambling fans with numerous places to develop their gambling career or play for fun. Nigerian bettors also wager on the European and Australian basketball leagues through Nigerian betting sites.

Live Streaming Markets in Nigeria and Sports betting Comparison

Sports iGaming Bookmakers in Nigeria offer live betting possibilities on diverse sports globally. But these operators have not started offering live-streaming markets. Apart from football, Nigerians will soon get more gaming products to bet on live-streaming events. Savvy gambling professionals predict that live-streaming markets will open to Nigerian gamblers like live betting on football games did. They say that day is closer than ever.

A survey by the News Agency of Nigeria shows that more than half of respondents (53%) place bets daily. Adults between 18 years of age to 35 years make up most typical sports betters in Nigeria. Not only that, but it was discovered that mobile phones and Smartphones make iGaming sites easily accessible to Nigerians. The southwest has more sports bettors than the Northern part of the country.

Nigeria joins South Africa, and India, where over 140 million Indians bet regularly. Comparable gaming countries are the UK and the United States, where over 31 million American adults are estimated to have placed a bet on the Superbowl amounting to about $7.6 billion. Other massive gambling countries include Canada, Australia, Poland, Argentina, Brazil, and Italy’s total iGaming revenues are billions of dollars.

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