Why do small and medium-sized businesses need legal services

A common misconception of novice businessmen is that a young company does not need small business lawyers Vancouver, that can lead to financial losses and even destroy the business. Today, every entrepreneur must understand how the legal service of the organization is created and operates.

Small and medium-sized businesses need legal services today more than ever. According to the results of prosecutorial activities, there is an increase in the number of cases of violation of the rights of business entities. The situation is aggravated by the widespread misconceptions of novice businessmen: the company is young, we have not yet accumulated debts, and state bodies have not yet come with inspections; answers to all questions can be found on the Internet; there was a problem – so it will be solved by itself.

Due to the rapid changes in legislation, it is difficult for a non-professional to keep track of innovations, and as a general rule, ignorance of the law is not exempt from responsibility. An entrepreneur’s ill-considered actions can not only affect the company’s reputation and lead to financial losses, but also destroy the business.

For the development and security of any organization, a legal service is needed. You can call a business lawyer in Vancouver to introduce legal mechanisms for the effective implementation of its activities by the company, to ensure its legal protection by identifying and eliminating possible risks. It is almost impossible to imagine the successful functioning of an organization today without small business lawyers vancouver.

Why do you need a legal service?

The main tasks of the legal service can be divided into two categories.

  1. Internal tasks related to the activities of the legal service directly in the field of law:
  • Contractual work: maintaining a register of contracts; creation of projects of contracts used in the organization; legal examination of contracts and elimination of errors in them; drawing up additional agreements, annexes to contracts;
  • Claim work: maintaining a register of counterparties who fulfill their obligations improperly or do not fulfill them at all; work on accounts receivable; drawing up and sending claims, tracking the responses and actions of counterparties after they receive claims; preparation of responses to claims of counterparties to the organization, etc .;
  • Work on the conduct of court cases: development of a legal position; collection, analysis, processing and preparation of documents for filing claims in court; preparation of procedural documents including statements, petitions, requests, etc .;
  • Work with powers of attorney: maintaining a register of powers of attorney, drawing up powers of attorney for an enterprise, monitoring their validity period, etc .;
  • Advising the head and employees of the enterprise on legal issues;
  • Representing the interests of the organization during inspections: analyzing the grounds for conducting an inspection, preparing documents, developing a legal position based on the results of an inspection, appealing against the actions of officials, etc.;
  • Representing the interests of the company during registration activities: collecting and preparing documents for making changes to the constituent documents of the organization, drafting documents for obtaining licenses and accreditation, registration and registration of real estate, vehicles, special equipment;
  • Representing the interests of the company in enforcement proceedings.

The listed types of activities cannot be performed by persons without legal education and relevant work experience.

2. External tasks associated with the activities of the legal service, which only partially relates to jurisprudence:

  • Legal audit of local regulations of the company;
  • Work with incoming documents, preparation of responses to inquiries, citizens’ appeals, etc.;
  • Partly management activities related to ensuring compliance with legal norms by the company’s management bodies, preparing documentation for decision-making by the board of directors, etc.

Such activity of the legal service implies working with documentation exclusively in terms of law. For example, a statement from a citizen may contain questions concerning not only the legal side, but also the economic or technical one. A business lawyer Vancouver prepares a response to such an appeal together with an economist or a technical specialist of the company. 


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