Why Do Business Leaders Go for a Swim in the Morning?

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When it comes to starting your day right, it is essential that you find the right blend between exercise and thinking time. Many of us awake to so many bright ideas and thoughts that putting those thoughts into a meaningful order is a challenge. When your brain feels too full of ideas to really package them together, a useful solution is to go for a swim. After all, there are many reasons why the top business leaders and executives in Europe go for a pre-business swim.

The ability to give your body a solid workout paired with the mind-decluttering it allows is an excellent one-two punch to attack each day with. Why do business owners across Europe, and the wider world, appreciate that morning swim, then?

The four reasons business leaders benefit from a morning swim

1. Free your mind of stress

A common reason to go for that swim in the morning for many executives is to de-stress the brain. Going into a major conference call, a speech, or a presentation needs a clear mind that is focused. If you are stressing about personal or professional matters, though, that is quite the challenge.

Therefore, many business minds go for a quick swim because it allows them to de-stress. Swimming is a fun and enjoyable exercise that helps to free the mind. Focus on your lengths and form, and you will leave the pool feeling far less stressed than you were previously.

2. Keep your mind in condition

Another benefit that has been shown is that being in the water helps to boost blood flow to the brain. Business leaders and executives rely on their sharp business wit and analytical thinking to make their day a success. If you go for a swim, then, you are boosting your brains’ intake of oxygen, glucose, and nutrients which has been shown to have a big impact on brain health.

Indeed, those who swim from a young age tend to have better control over everything from oral speech to literacy and numeracy. When your business needs an accurate business mind, swimming helps to deliver it.

3. Calm the mind before making decisions

Many business leaders design their entire brand and building design around color schemes that impose a sense of calm on their staff. Well, being surrounded by the color blue all morning is believed to help calm our minds and to help us concentrate.

Got a big day ahead? Then using something as effective as a quick swim can help to lift the mind from a sense of uncertainty. You can then arrive at your meeting fully ready to take information on board, grow, and improve physically.

4. Add a competitive element to your morning

A less common but still useful reason is the competitive element. Having a swim in the morning gives you something to compete with: your own time. Can you beat the previous morning’s time? Can you achieve more distance in less time?

Add the competitive element by investing in swimming watches recommended by Superwatches. This can be extremely useful for making sure you stay physically active whilst also being able to view your times and progress using swimming and fitness apps. Swimming watches are useful, too, because they can withstand the water – now, if a major call comes in that needs your attention, you can take it from the pool.

There are many reasons to go for a swim in the morning, but business executives and leaders might wish to focus on the mental benefits. On top of that, adding a competitive edge and a physical fitness element to your morning routine can do wonders for your consistency and reliability in the workplace.

If your mornings feel like they lack productivity, a morning swim could be all that you need to change your mindset entirely.


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