Why Coworking is Ideal for Freelancers

Coworking is Ideal for Freelancers

Freelancing is an enticing work style to many people that have been on the rise in the recent past. The thought of having the freedom to work when you want and where you want is too good to resist for the modern worker who is after improving the work-life balance. In addition, freelance jobs are easy to come by with the rise of online platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr as well as increased preference to hire freelancers among employers.

However, freelancing also comes with its own share of challenges and frustrations such as experiencing loneliness and having to deal with distractions when working from home. Thankfully, most of these problems can be solved by working alongside other people. If you are looking to start as a freelancer, here are 4 reasons coworking is ideal for you.

1. Increased productivity

Most freelancers insist on working from home, but they fail to establish a dedicated working space probably for lack of space or affordability. This makes them end up working from the living room or kitchen amidst distractions from kids, pets, household chores, and personal commitments. Unfortunately, when work and other commitments are fighting for attention from a single person, one is bound to suffer. Most of the time, it is the work that suffers; diminishing productivity significantly.

Coworking spaces provide a dedicated and focused working environment. By choosing to work there, you will be separating your work from life commitments and other distractions. You will be more focused on your work to become optimally productive. If you have been struggling with productivity, it is about time you moved from your house in Denver and start working in a Denver coworking space. In addition to working in a distraction-free environment, coworking with other focused individuals will inspire you to do more.

2. Creates a sense of community

Locking yourself at home for days on end has the potential to increase your productivity especially where there are no distractions. However, this can do more harm than good to your mental health. Human beings are created to be social beings; working alone without interactions brings in loneliness and can even suck energy and inspiration from you.

On the other hand, coworking with other people creates a sense of community. Coworking spaces create a cohesive and collaborative working environment of people doing meaningful work, albeit different, under one roof. In addition, this community offers increased networking opportunities that can contribute positively to your venture.

3. Improves time management

Unlike in a traditional office where workers report at 8 o’clock in the morning and leave at 5 o’clock in the evening, freelancing requires that you create your own schedule. It is important to have a structured workday where you know when to step in to work and when to be done with a day’s work. Otherwise, you may find yourself struggling with logging off and finding time to rewind and relax.

You need to have exceptional time management skills to pull off a structured day working as a freelancer. However, this can prove harder than you think. Transitioning to coworking spaces makes this easy to some extent. Moreover, if you use a proper coworking management system, the whole process will be more simple to complete. The fact that you have to commute makes it easy to step in and out of work. In addition, being a structured environment full of focused people makes it easier to stick to a schedule.

4. Offers a professional shift

Working in your pajamas can be fun and exciting for some time. However, this fun can turn into a negative effect on your productivity in the long run. You are likely to get comfortable such that you stop taking yourself seriously or minding your progress at work.

When you start coworking with other people, you actually have to shower and dress in a presentable way. People see you as a professional, which influences you to start taking yourself seriously. In addition, if your work involves meeting with clients, coworking spaces like coworking space New York City provide a dedicated and professional place to do this. Potential clients see your dedication and professionalism, which increases the odds of being hired.


Most challenges that freelancers deal with crop up from the fact that they run a one-man show. It is easy to let distractions in, procrastinate, and let yourself go when there is no one pressuring you to perform. Coworking with other like-minded people brings about a sense of belonging and accountability. There is good pressure to keep up with the rest, which improves your performance.


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