Who Is Liable For My Injuries After Falling Down Stairs?

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Records show that more than a million people are injured in stairs accidents every year. This indicates that this issue is far more common than what most people may believe. Therefore, it is vital to know who is liable for injuries sustained from falling down the stairs.

Determining Liability

Almost every case involving stair fall has unique features. As a result, liability in every case is determined depending on the facts present. The first step in most cases to determine liability is establishing exactly what caused the accident. The importance of this is to know who neglected his or her responsibilities and therefore, determine who was at fault.

In case it was a worker in the building who had left something that tripped you, the worker and their employer are both at fault. The worker should have ensured that anything that should not be on the stairs has been removed. The person or entity that has hired the particular employer also has the responsibility of hiring competent employers who do not put users of the stairs at risk.

You might also slip because of a defect on the stairs, and in such a situation, the person liable is the individual who was supposed to do repairs or put a warning sign showing that the stairs have a defect. The building owner is mostly held responsible because he or she should notice any defect and warn anyone who might be using the stairs by putting up a sign. Technicians constructing or repairing the stairs can also be held liable if they are the ones who left defects on the stairs and did not warn the users.

Proving Fault after Falling Down the Stairs

For a person or entity to be held liable for slip and fall accidents nyc on stairs, you must prove a number of factors. One of the things you need to prove is that the employees or the owner knew about the hazard and did not resolve the issue. This includes when the stairs have had a defect for several days and nothing has been done to fix the problem.

You also need to show that even if the employees and owner did not know about the stairs’ defect, they failed in their duty by not noticing. Responsible employees and owners of any building are required to notice any defect in any building and take the necessary action. These include issues that have existed for a certain period without anyone responsible noticing.

Dealing With A Stairs Slip And Fall Case

According to experienced slip and fall lawyers in Los Angeles, the first step of dealing with such a case is trying to resolve the issue out of court with the person or entity responsible. In most cases, the liable person will deny responsibility, and this might require you to file a formal claim. The process of filing a claim has a lot of delicate steps, which, if not handled properly, can result in the issue being dismissed.

To increase your chances of being compensated, it is paramount to get assistance from a good lawyer. This is important because the lawyer will guide and advise you on the steps you should take to avoid your case being dismissed. The right lawyer will apply their expertise in handling such cases to ensure you are fully compensated.


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