When Driving Around UAE Proper Car Insurance is Necessary 

UAE Proper Car Insurance

Whether you are planning to visit the UAE for tourism or you are looking to relocate there, the chances are that you’ll need to drive. Not only getting behind the wheel in the supercar capital of the world is a once-in-a-lifetime experience but it can also be a lifetime if you are looking to commute to your Dubai-based office every day.

But before choosing your car and getting on the road, it is important to look at one small but essential aspect: car insurance. After all, without it, you would be driving illegally in the UAE!

Wo, what kind of car insurance do you need? And what are the variables to consider to find the right policy?

Here’s all you need to know!

What Kind of Insurance Do You Need When Driving in the UAE? Let’s Cover the Basics!

According to the UAE traffic law, driving without insurance is a severe legal violation. So, getting insurance is the first step to take before getting behind the wheel. But what kind of insurance do you need to be protected while on the road and, at the same time, meet the UAE’s legal requirements?

The answer is in third-party liability insurance. This represents the minimum level of coverage provided by car insurance agencies certified by the UAE Insurance Authority, and it is designed to protect you against the damages reported by other people and assets in an accident.

However, most drivers opt for comprehensive insurance, which also protects you, your passengers, and your car in the case of a crash. This option might be especially convenient if you are driving a luxury vehicle or supercar, which can be extremely costly to repair.

4 Key Aspects To Keep in Mind When Choosing Your UAE Insurance Policy

While there are hundreds of insurance providers out there, not all insurance policies are created equal. And, certainly, not all insurance policies are suitable for your specific needs!

Here are just some of the variables to keep in mind when shopping for your next UAE car insurance.

Some Behaviours Might Be Invalidating Your Insurance

Even if you have invested in a comprehensive insurance policy, some behaviours and mistakes might be validating your insurance policy. Some of these include having the wrong class of use or not declaring certain medical conditions.

In the case of driving in the UAE, you might also see your insurance forfeited or your claim denied if you have been driving under the influence or you lied during a claim. Make sure to check your policy to avoid invalidating it by mistake.

Shopping Around Can Save You a Fortune

When it comes down to finding a car insurance policy in the UAE, shopping around, comparing different policies, and hand-picking raiders are the best strategy to save a fortune – and ensure to have the right level of coverage for your needs! Also, you can create a car insurance mobile app to make the process easier for others.

If you are unsure how to compare different policies, local car insurance marketplaces such as InsuranceMarket UAE can help you select a provider among certified agencies and filter the different policies by price or features.

Plan Your Add-Ons Based on Your Itinerary and Frequent Trips

Whether you are just visiting the Emirates or are moving here, you should consider adding riders to your policy according to your specific needs. In particular, you might consider investing in roadside assistance and coverage for repairs.

However, it is also important to keep in mind your itinerary and frequent routes. For example, if you often travel from Dubai to Oman by road, you might choose to take advantage of the Oman extension add-ons that many insurance providers are making available today.

Ensure You Are Driving Legally in the UAE

To drive legally in the UAE, you will need at least third-party liability coverage and a valid driver’s licence (an International Driving Permit for tourists and a UAE driver’s licence for expats who permanently reside in the UAE).

However, since the laws vary slightly from one Emirate and another, it is always recommended to check with the local authorities and find an insurance cover that is suitable for your specific needs as a driver.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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