What You Ought To Know Before You Play In A Slovenian Online Casino


Since 2016, online casinos have been permitted in Slovenia.  Slovenia’s legislative environment for online casino gaming is about to undergo significant modifications.

Around 2012, the Slovenian online gambling market began to shift. The Slovenian government started preparing to adopt a new gaming statute in 2012, one that would expressly regulate and liberalize online casino gambling in the nation.

Is it legal to gamble online in Slovenia?

Slovenians who want to gamble on the internet may breathe a sigh of relief since online casinos and gambling are entirely legal in the country. However, only local sites are permitted; overseas online gambling operations are outlawed, restricting the total gaming variety available to Slovenians. You can also check out Slovenian casino that pays in euros

Who is eligible to apply for an online gambling license in Slovenia?

Although you choose casinos and games of chance in Slovenia, the government does not allow foreign enterprises or private parties to open up shop. That implies that the Slovenia National Lottery (or “Loterija Slovenije” in Slovenian) is the exclusive authority when it comes to internet gambling. For better or worse, it is Slovenia’s sole legal, legally licensed gaming body.

The European Commission attempts to persuade Slovenia’s government to allow foreign operators to operate lawful online casinos.

Historical Perspective

Soon after gambling was legalized in 1991, the first land-based casinos opened. Because private investors have not been given a gaming license here, the Gambling Act was passed in 1995, and gambling has remained a state-monopolized sector since then.

Slovenian casinos began to pop up all over the internet in the early 2000s, and the Slovenian authorities began barring international gambling domains in 2012.

What Else Should One Know About Slovenian Online Gambling?

The legal gambling age is 18 for both online and land-based gaming.

Most common payment methods, including but not limited to credit/debit/Visa/Master cards, PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, and others, are frequently accepted.

Slovenian gamers may choose to play at land-based casinos or go online and play at online casinos. The 2013 Gaming Law makes it unlawful for overseas casinos to accept Slovenian players without a license. Attempts to prevent casinos from admitting Slovenian players without a license have failed. There are still a dozen providers to select from, including several that offer services in the Slovenian language.

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Overview Bonuses Instructions for Playing Games

Learn all there is to know about online gambling in Slovenia, including a gaming guide, standard deposit and withdrawal methods, and more.

Slovenian bitcoin casinos of the highest quality. When it comes to cashing out wins, cryptocurrency depositors in Slovenia have to spend less time and money. They may also qualify for special bonuses and participate in recurring promotions at the finest Bitcoin casinos in Slovenia.

Choosing The Most Appropriate Slovenia Casino

The legalization of internet gambling in Slovenia has not sparked the excitement that the authorities had hoped for. Only a few operators have sought a license, with the majority opting to stay in the gray area. The gamers have not been discouraged, and many of them continue to spend time on foreign websites that are not permitted to do so. Hence, we tell you the factors you need to consider while choosing an online casino in Slovenia.

  • Look for a low house edge – Luck eventually evens out, and the only way to make money is to play at Slovenia online casinos with a low house edge. The most open will display the return on investment for all of their games so that members may make an informed selection.
  • Mobile-friendly games are a requirement – An online casino that accepts Slovenian players but does not support mobile devices is generally not the best option. All current games operate nicely on these devices, so gamers should concentrate on them.
  • Games with Slovenian dealers in real-time – Even though they supply games worldwide, certain live dealer studios are situated in Slovenia. The benefit of playing at a casino that offers assistance in your local language is enormous, and it may contribute to the most excellent gaming environment.
  • Large bonuses and ongoing promotions — While all casinos today provide welcome packages to newbies, the finest casinos that allow Slovenian players tend to be established players. They reward their customers’ loyalty with continuing promos and even a VIP program for the most devoted.

You should always carefully look for your favorite casinos no matter where you are on the globe. However, you do not need to worry about Slovenia’s online gambling regulations. When professional poker players like this nation (many relocated here after Italy imposed tight limitations), there’s no reason why other avid gamblers shouldn’t feel the same way.

As long as the sites you visit are domestic, they are plentiful, legal, and largely safe. Have a good time, and may the chances be on your side!

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