What To Look At A Moving Company’s Website


Gone are the days when the only option for a person looking for a moving company’s service was going physically to their office, as now, you can get a lot of information about movers just by simply browsing through their website. 

Almost all, if not all, moving companies have websites where people can scan through if they want to evaluate and assess whether a specific mover is the best one for them to hire or looking somewhere else is a better idea. 

When you are already on the moving company’s website, there are loads of information you can already confirm, check and verify. To help you maximize the time you are on their website, here are some of the things you can check while on their business website:

  • FAQ Tab

While you are on their website, click on the FAQ tab and read through some questions that are frequently asked by customers. This tab is very helpful as if your questions are already there, you do not need to call their customer service any more to ask. 

Most of the time though, the questions you can read there are general, hence if you have specific questions to ask, better ask. 

  • Services they offer

Through their website, you can know what are the services they offer. Do they offer junk removal, cleaning, storage facility, etc.? Moving companies will make sure that all their available services are available for their site visitors to check out. If you have a special service to request or special moving service needed, you are free to ask if they can accommodate it or not. 

Needless to say, almost all their services are available on their website, it can be found either on the site’s landing page or you need to navigate further to get to know more about it. 

  • Their company’s background

Checking on the company’s background is also a good idea. How long have they been in the industry of moving items? The longer they are in this industry, the better, as it means they have longer experience and they were able to prove that they are really good with what they do. With the number of moving companies around, no moving company can last in this industry unless they are really good and trusted. 

  • Their contact details

Through their website you can find out the moving company’s contact details. Some of the contact details you would like to find out if active or not are:

  • Their phone number
  • Email address
  • Physical address
  • Chat services

Make sure to confirm if their contact details are accurate and active, as there are some that will claim they have contact information just to claim that they have, even if those contact details are not working. 

  • Customers’ reviews

There are some moving company websites where you can read customers’ reviews. Of course, expect that most of the reviews you can read on their page are good and favorable for their company. But even so, through the reviews you can read from their website, you would know how capable and trusted they are in terms of providing moving services, and you would also know their strengths that you can probably take advantage of if you decide hiring their company. 

  • Quotations

Lucky to those who landed on a moving company’s website that has an available option for their visitors to get a quotation without contacting their company. This is an easier way to get a rough estimate of their rate. Some of the information you need to key in to get free quotation are your current location, place you are planning to move in and the items you need to move.


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