What is Matillion?


The tech world is always evolving. And with that evolution comes a whole lot of new terms, strategies, and implementations.

One of the newest words in the tech world that you need to know is Matillion. Not only is it a super cool name, but it is a game-changer when it comes to big data and cloud-based ETL.

That is basically what Matillion is. It is an ETL tool that is also something that you can get yourself. You can find it on the AWS Marketplace and it offers you so much it will actually seem quite surreal! This means that the entire tool is cloud-based and the billing structure is extremely user-friendly too as it is billed at an hourly rate.

When it comes to data, data collection, data analytics and data automation, Matillion is certainly your go too. This is because it makes the entire process seamless and allows way more tasks to get assigned and completed than ever before. If you are needing to create an actual data warehouse for your company, then you definitely want to get the help of Matillion. It will ensure that there will be minimal errors made along with maximum results gained.

But for those of you that still may be scratching your head trying to figure out what Matillion is, why you need it, and all there is to know about it, look no further than here. We have rounded up all you need to know so that you can figure out if Matillion will be a game-changer for you too.

Here are the top things to know about Matillion.

1. Gather the Next Generation of Data

Data is everything. And many companies know that they need to have software and processes in place to ensure that they are able to collect and gather data more seamlessly to safeguard their future. Matallion allows you to actually organize data without having to actually code anything. No wonder many big brands are using Matillion!

2. The Best Brands Already Use It

When you look at the way the world is growing, everyone is needing data more and more just to keep up and stay competitive. Regardless of industry, brands all around the world are realizing that they too need to have an easy and error-free way of gathering up data sets. Everyone from IKEA to CISCO and Home Depot is using Matillion for their business.

3. Modern Analytics Made Easy

Data collection does not have to be scary anymore. In fact, Matillion makes it easier than ever with their cloud-native ETL platform to do just that and more. If you are a business that struggles to keep up with the times in capturing and using relevant data for business gains, then Matillion is definitely for you. They are able to create analytical data sets that in a matter of minutes and actually help skyrocket your company.

4. Supporting Data-Driven Journeys

With data, you need to have a game plan on how you are actually going to use it, filter it, and make the most of it in accordance with your actual business goals. This is what Matillion is designed to do. They are able to create a cloud data warehouse that can actually produce meaningful business insights. The way this is achieved is by using APIs, applications, databases, files and NoSQLs to generate BI reporting, data science, and operational analytics. You do not have to do the hard work yourself anymore, you just have to implement the findings.

5. Create a More Organized Business

Those that are well organized with their data often achieve the best results. This is where Matillion comes in. They are able to actually transform your organizational capabilities for your business through how they sort through your data. Not only is it easy to use and stored in secure cloud space, but is designed to ensure your business flourishes from it while also safeguarding your most valuable data sets.

6. Stay Connected Globally

In addition, Mataillion is able to offer a huge inventory range of connectors for databases. This means that you can use these pre-built connectors for numerous applications and databases you are working on. Not only are they free for businesses who already use Matillion, but they are going to also help you create custom connectors in a matter of minutes all for the benefit of furthering your business goals.


So when it comes to answering that initial question of what Matillion is, look no further than right here. They are the ultimate go-to when it comes to making building, generating, creating, and storing data sets for your business easier than ever before. Not only will you be able to maximize the output of data more efficiently than ever before, but you will be able to further progress your goals like never before.


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