What is a Tactical Watch

Tactical Watch

Don’t be fooled by the tactical-like design: not every such watch is indeed tactical. But what is a tactical watch? Does it really have some unique features or is it all marketing? 

A tactical watch or a military watch is a special type of wrist watches designed for tough military or sports usage. Indeed, they often have a range of unique functions and options. For instance, tactical GPS watches are the most common and demanded type of this device. But more importantly almost every good tactical watch is extremely durable and rugged, which is a must if you plan to use them hard.

Let’s see how tactical watches are different from your typical wrist watches.

Tactical watch

Ok, if you are serous about going tactical, you should know that a tactical smart watch is more than a classy sports look. It is all about functions and reliability. Tactical watches are enclosed into a stainless steel, titan or carbon casing with a scratch-proof sapphire lens (although cheaper alternatives are available too). They are water- and shockproof, as well.

Aside from typical timing options found in every watch (either digital or not) such as stopwatch, calendar, or countdown timer, a tactical watch offers a range of exclusive functions demanded by military, police or spec-ops. These are, for example:

  • Military time display to show the current time in the 24-hours format which is a de-facto standard in the army.
  • Compass to see the cardinal direction.
  • Waypoints and step counter with adjustable waypoints to track your route.
  • Altimeter to track not only lengths, but heights too.
  • Gyroscope is useful for alpinists and mountain climbers.

One feature of tactical watches that stands out is GPS. Not every tactical watch has it, but those that do are literally the technology pinnacle. Here is some more information about such tactical watches.

Tactical watches with GPS

Tactical watches with GPS feature the ability to receive the signal from GPS satellites for easy geo-positioning. It works similar to a conventional GPS navigator: the device locates the satellites for the first time (cold start), and then can quickly connect to them to determine position (hot start). Usefulness of this function is hard to overestimate: with a GPS tactical watch you’ll always know where you are, you can pinpoint certain locations, record coordinates, keep track of your exact route and much more. Neat!

Some tactical watches also support other geo-positioning satellites such as GLONASS or GALILEO and connect them together with GPS or separately. 

Garmin tactical GPS watch

Garmin is a manufacturer of GPS navigators and GPS tactical watches too. Garmin tactical GPS watch is a device packed with functions as close as herrings in a barrel. And don’t forget its ultimate quality praised by millions of users all over the world!

Tactical GPS watches by Garmin have a range of unique specs that easily turn these watches into a feature-rich toolbox on your wrist. Here are some:

  • Scratch-proof sapphire screen that can be read even in night vision goggles.
  • Waterproof. Garmin tactical watches are rated up to 10 ATM, which means you can submerge down to 100 meters in them. (Depends on the model)
  • Health monitoring. Crucial in many situations and circumstances, tactical watches can measure your heart rate and respiration rate, and even warn you if your heart rate or saturation become abnormal.
  • Tactical functions: altimeter, accelerometer, gyroscope, 3-axis compass, multi time-zones and others.
  • Tracking features
  • Positioning features including waypoints and pathfinding.

See? Garmin tactical GPS watches are not your civilian pocket watch with an aggressive design. They are really hard-boiled and ready to follow you through any challenge you dare to accept.

Want to learn more about tactical watches and how to choose the model for you? Don’t hesitate to contact BattleSteel specialists. We are ready to help you with your choice.


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