What Every Government Website Redesign RFP Must Include

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Creating a Government Website Redesign RFP (Request For Proposal) is not an easy task. When we talk about an RPF, most tend to focus more on “what” than “why.” Always remember that before you focus on the solution, you must let the client know the need for the answer.

Every Government Website RFP is a story of three phases.

  • The first phase focuses on the website’s recurring problems and how they affect the performance and user experience.
  • The second phase consists of a detailed analysis of the website audit divided into critical stages, solutions, and how you would implement them.
  • The third and final phase lays out a complete project scope, cost, timeframe analysis, and the overall benefits your client will enjoy with a revamped website.

A government website RFP must articulate a deep analysis of the website audit in the utmost professional way. It must convey the most critical technical and miscellaneous details in the most convincing way possible.

This blog will discuss what every government website redesign RFP must include. Let us get right into it!

Why Do Government Websites Need A Redesign?

This section will emphasise the importance of the “Why” of a Government Website RFP. There are plenty of factors that government websites need a complete rehaul to catch up to modern standards, be it visual aesthetics or technical performance.

They Are Outdated

One of the primary reasons for the complete rehaul of a government website is that they are outdated. Most such websites are developed very early and don’t go through a lot of maintenance over the years. As a result, their visual appeal needs to be updated and match up with the modern standards of the digital world.

They Have Poor Technical Performance

The technical performance of government websites also needs more regular maintenance. Their poor technical performance could be down to slow page load speed, broken links, etc. A deep insight into the technical implementation of the website is a must for a government website RFP.

Language Barrier

Government websites are either developed in the native language or a universal language, English. It is essential to consider that government websites are used by people worldwide, so a single language could confuse them. One of the most widely integrated features of modern websites is that they offer a back-and-forth English native language translation of onsite content so that it can be easily accessible to all.

Bad User Experience

Any website must strive to provide the best user experience possible. However, that is not the case with government websites, as their outdated appeal and bad technical performance cause a negative impression on the overall user experience.

What Every Government Website Redesign RFP Should Consist of?

Discussing every vital detail that every Government Website Design RFP must consist of. You must emphasise every problem you found during a website audit and explain the reason before presenting the solution.

Start With Why They Need A Website Redesign

Always start your redesign RFP with the need for a website redesign. State each point in detail about how each problem is affecting the website’s user experience, inadvertently causing a bad reputation for the government. Since most government websites are developed very early on, you can point out the need for a brand new CMS (Content Management Platform), which will help them integrate more modern features onto their website.

Analysis Of Website Speed Test

If there is anything more aggravating than a slow internet is a slow website on a fast internet. During your website audit, you can present a detailed analysis report of the website speed test, focusing on the reason behind the slow speed of web pages. The slow pace could be down to uncompressed images or clunky content layouts.

Accessibility Test On Desktop & Mobile

One of the biggest mistakes of government websites is that they are developed on only one device or platform, mainly the desktop browser. In the current digital world, 59% of the overall traffic from the internet comes from mobile devices; therefore, brands focus on optimising their website to be mobile-friendly. You can see the accessibility factor of the government website performance of different devices and how the lack of optimization for various devices might affect the user experience.

Broken Links Test & Analysis

Hyperlinks that expire due to invalid URL addresses are called Broken Links. These links affect the overall technical performance of the website and are considered a negative aspect of the website by search engine algorithms. You can use any premium software to detect the total number of broken links on a website and present them in your RFP, along with a detailed analysis of how they affect your client’s website performance.

Website Content Updation

When we talk about outdated government websites, it doesn’t mean simply in vibes alone. Most of them consist of obsolete content on their pages that users need to clarify. Your RFP report must consist of a crosscheck analysis of the website content and point it out to your client and the problems they cause in user experience.

Example Of Proposed Templates

When you’re done pointing out the need for a complete website rehaul, you can start focusing on the solutions for your clients but always back up your proposals with examples. To show how you can improve the visuals of a government website, you can add proposed templates that represent the best of their brand in a positive limelight. The proposed templates can feature a range of different layouts that you believe would be able to impress your clients. You must have more than blank templates but also add a screenshot of competitor websites as an example.

Brief Analysis Of Redesign Benefits

And finally, finish off your report with what your redesign services can help improve the website to modern standards. You must point out the complete project cost, timeframe, challenges (if any), and lastly, the result of the website redesign with utter conviction. 

Some of the benefits that you must point out from a website redesign are such as:

  • How a redesign would drastically increase the page load speed of the website.
  • The improved visual appeal of the website.
  • How a new layout can improve navigation for users.
  • How website performance on different operating systems would significantly enhance and be more consistent.

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