What Are Transcription Services and Why Does Your Business Need Them

A company that offers transcription services specializes in converting audio or video into a written format in a secure and reliable manner. This is performed manually or through the use of automated technology and the involvement of AI (artificial intelligence). We are currently living in a digital age whereby businesses have access to various media tools such as audio or video. That said, the written word remains a requirement as it becomes necessary for backup purposes, general record keeping, marketing material and, in some instances, it’s required by law.  When these types of media need to be converted to text, there are many advantages of having an external transcription company complete the work. Let’s take a look at some of those benefits.


Advantages in A Business Environment

Companies that specialize in transcription have highly trained staff, which often consists of a team of transcribers, to ensure the accuracy of each document produced. This elevates the burden on businesses having to specifically train a staff member to complete this tedious task. In turn, staff members are not tied up with this unnecessary duty, allowing for their skill set to be utilized elsewhere. It can take several hours for one hour of audio to be converted into a text format and if there is no material to be transcribed, then the individual employed by the company can become a liability until their services are once again required.

Some professions such as law firms and medical practitioners have a large output of information, and certain businesses are also legally required to conduct regular board meetings. All the information produced may need to be reduced to a text document, which can be accomplished by making use of a transcription service. Outsourcing this service allows companies to set guidelines and customize the final document as per their requirements. Specialist providers are adequately equipped to meet these individual requirements proficiently and adhere to deadlines that may be imposed on the business.

Having these recordings repurposed in text format gives companies the opportunity to convert audio and visual material to various text formats in a matter of seconds. Complex media may be converted to formats, such as word documents and PDF. Many people prefer reading material rather than listening to audio files or watching videos. This allows for the opportunity to cater to a greater audience as the content may also be translated into multiple languages and, in the case of hearing-impaired individuals, this may be an absolute requirement. This increases the repurpose opportunities of the content produced.

Another important aspect that businesses need to consider is the cost factor of outsourcing versus in-house transcription. The cost of equipment and having a dedicated staff member is far greater than relying on an external company. This service can be used on an as and when needed basis eliminating the need for equipment such as foot pedals, high-quality headphones or speakers and expensive audio and video converting software. Businesses are established for a certain purpose and function. Transcribing services allows companies to focus on their core functions rather than completing unnecessary administrative tasks that they may not be sufficiently equipped to complete.


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