What a Mobile App Can Do for Your Business

By Nancy Elbahr

You’ve reached the point where you no longer completely discount the concept of developing a mobile app for your company. You are now considering developing an app for your company, but you still have some concerns. not precisely about creating an application. You are well-versed in the steps involved in creating a mobile app . And you are aware that you can  use a no-code app builder like nandbox to create your app yourself. You’re still unclear as to what advantages a mobile app would have, though.

The features you put in your app and the nature of your business will both have an impact. However, most organizations may profit from a mobile app’s fundamental advantages. Others require a little bit of work on your part, while some may be achieved simply by having a mobile app.

A Mobile App Boosts Brand Awareness

Mobile App in Business

Have you ever met a potential supplier or attended a trade event and received branded products as a result? Something that you are likely to use regularly, like branded mugs, water bottles, stationery, or USB sticks, could be used.

This isn’t just a company or organization being excessively kind. Instead, it is a clever and affordable way to increase brand recognition. Every time you use the product, whether consciously or unconsciously, you see the brand name or emblem. And the next time you need something from the brand, you might think of them first.

Similar operations can be made through a smartphone app. Every day, we use our phones numerous times for purposes other than making calls. We use them to send messages, browse social media, and perform a variety of other tasks.

This entails several times daily screen viewing. And as a result, people who have installed your software will see its icon several times every day. Your brand becomes more memorable if you do a fantastic job of blending your logo and brand colors into your app icon. There is a higher likelihood that a user will consider your company first the next time they need anything you offer.

A Mobile App Offers Customers More Value

There are several things that mobile apps can accomplish for users:

  • They facilitate shopping. Instead, they offer a more practical way to book accommodations and arrange for appointments and services.
  • When there are no glitches, they provide excellent service.
  • They make it easy to access the newest industry and product information, advice, and ideas.
  • Through community features, they might provide a method for users to interact and connect with one another.
  • They can notify you of exclusive deals and discounts.
  • The first stage in developing a mobile app is to identify the needs of your intended audience through branded websites, search ads, and social media advertisements. mostly in the form of being able to precisely target audiences through demographics. However, if you work in a very cutthroat sector, search and social media advertising may be out of your price range. Because impressions only indicate that your advertisement was displayed rather than necessarily being seen, you are still unable to determine how many people saw it. However, you can keep track of both real conversions and who clicks on your advertisement.

Mobile app marketing in the form of push notifications is comparable to other kinds of online marketing. You can track who replies to each marketing notification, and you can target particular consumers. The greatest distinction is that, depending on how they are configured, push notifications can be an inexpensive or even free option.

Furthermore, there is hardly any restriction on how much you can categorize your users. ensuring that only the most pertinent users receive each marketing notification. One can:

  • Only focus on clients who have made a purchase recently or haven’t.
  • Only customers who have previously purchased items in the relevant category should be promoted as new arrivals.
  • Identify customers who shop at certain times or on certain days.
  • Clients who haven’t used the app in X days should receive a message.

You can even send out customized offers by categorizing your consumers based on several factors. Additionally, you can keep tabs on who clicks the links and opens the push notifications. Furthermore, that enables you to segment. Users who don’t open your push notifications don’t necessarily need to stop receiving them. Instead, test various copies and offers to see how people react.

Despite how effective this method of marketing may be, you should still use caution. Users may disable their alerts or perhaps delete your app if you send them too many or too regularly.

Improve Customer Service & Engagement

Customer Service and engagement

Your mobile app is always open and accessible, unlike your actual store or office. Customers who are too busy or unable to shop during business hours undoubtedly benefit from this. Once you evaluate the pain points people mention when buying in-store, how an app impacts customer service becomes more evident.

By including a chat option in your app, you make it simpler for users to contact you with questions and complaints. Even if you don’t mean always, email exchanges lack the immediacy that the chat channel provides. not to mention that it is more practical than making a call.

However, how well your app is designed will again determine this. Does it have features that solve the main problems listed by customers in the aforementioned chart? Does it give clients a variety of options to get in touch with your company? And does your company provide timely, thorough responses to questions and concerns?

The advantages of a mobile app for your organization go beyond just these. But they all share the ability to boost client loyalty, just like the majority of the other advantages. Additionally, more devoted customers make larger purchases, increasing sales and revenue.

If you’re now ready to finally get to work on creating your own mobile app, take a look at nandbox.

It supports hundreds of features and is the only app builder that enables you to create a truly native app, enabling you to easily design an app that effectively and simply tackles the problems of your customers. Additionally, getting started doesn’t even require a credit card.

About the Author

Nancy Elbahr a tech enthusiast and a senior content creator at nandbox. I’m passionate about helping small and mid-sized businesses build applications at affordable prices through my easily digestible contents.


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