Water Sustainability Strategies For UK Businesses (2022)

Water Sustainability Strategies For UK Businesses

Saving water in 2022 is becoming more than just a recommendation; it is becoming necessary to slow down global warming and preserve groundwater levels throughout the nation.

For UK businesses that rely heavily on water consumption to provide their services, having a dedicated water sustainability strategy is paramount to saving water – and by extension, money.

Today we’ll be breaking down water sustainability strategies your business can use to save water.

Why Is Water Sustainability Important?

At the core of society is our water supply. Without ample fresh and clean water, the cities and towns we’ve built will not be able to function. Socio-economic development is hugely dependent on responsible water use.

Water is vital for life, from planting the crops we need and feeding the animals we breed to human consumption. It is also hugely important for the industry, as almost every manufacturing process or construction project uses water.

Without sustainable water usage, we may reach a point of using clean water faster than it can be replenished. This, in turn, would have drastic implications for human life and ecosystems across the nation.

So, what can be done about this? Start by:

Reconsidering Your Water Supplier

One of the biggest ways you can be more sustainable with your water is to source water from a supplier or retailer with a greater range of benefits, allowing you to get the most out of your supply and work towards a more sustainable arrangement.

For instance, a water supplier or retailer providing in-depth information regarding your water usage can help you ascertain why and how you use water. They can also help you identify when you use the most.

This can be particularly useful in identifying hidden leaks, as in-depth water usage analytics can help you detect water usage during off-peak times (like nighttime).

Another reason switching water suppliers or retailers can help you towards a more sustainable arrangement for your water is by offering state-of-the-art metering and access to industry professionals.

These factors can assist you with reducing water consumption by advising how best to save.

Train Your Employees In Responsible Water Usage

No matter what measures you take with your supplier or retailer to reduce the amount of water your business consumes, it’ll be hindered greatly if your employees aren’t up to speed.

Training your employees on water-saving measures while at your business is more efficient at saving water than you may first consider.

Ensuring that water is only used for necessities and that taps are turned off after use is hugely important to drill into your employees.

If you work in hospitality, strict rules about how much water to use and when to use it are essential for keeping consumption low. This is especially true for kitchen porters, dishwashing staff, and cleaners.

Invest In Water Efficient Machinery

Investing in more modern machinery can help you save a considerable quantity of water for cafes, restaurants, and hotels. This, in turn, will help you save money too!

Dishwashers, washing machines, and commercial coffee machines can guzzle water if you’re not careful. Browse your business niche for equipment with better water efficiency ratings to slash how much water you use daily.

Reap the benefits of cheaper water bills while being more sustainable.

Overhaul Your Plumbing

Bathrooms are another culprit that consumes huge amounts of water daily and weekly. All kinds of businesses will have a toilet and sink, even offices, which can be altered to use less water.

A toilet tank is a brilliant addition to any bathroom. These devices limit the quantity of water used per flush to the bare minimum. If your businesses use particularly old toilets, this can save a large quantity of water every month (especially if you don’t have the rights or funds to replace the toilet); if your bathroom has multiple toilets, even better.

Tap faucets can also be altered with low-flow rate nozzles to reduce the water they’ll dispense per second – dispensing just enough to be useful and efficient. These kinds of nozzles can be used in the office kitchen too.

Shower heads can also be retrofitted for the hospitality industry, particularly hotels, to save water. Water-saving shower heads can help you remain sustainable while keeping a regular shower’s functionality.


Saving water is in the interest of every business owner in the UK. With global warming becoming a real threat to everyday life, being as responsible as we can be with fresh water reserves will help fight against water shortages.

Being efficient with water will also save you money on your water bill, which is a great incentive for businesses of all kinds. This saved money can easily be reinvested into your business!


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