Viboom Review 2023 or How to Promote Videos Successfully 

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How to make money on YouTube? Ah, it’s easy! How YouTube makes money for you is not a question; you just film a clip, sing your song (or play a game, or do any other activity you like), and BOOM — the count of your followers surpasses Doja Cat’s fan base. 

Eh, no. It does not work like this (unfortunately). Still, you can ensure a small success. And I will tell a story of my experience with Viboom. 

Kinda disclaimer: there might be other good services, but I’m 100% happy with Viboom’s performance. All this is just my experience, and I hope it helps other creators to promote their YouTube channel projects. 

What Is Viboom? All You Must Know 👇

VIBOOM - Promote your YouTube Channel

Service’s main page 

Viboom is a vast system of ORGANIC video promotion. While my Viboom review focuses on YouTube video audience growth, these specialists work with other platforms and can advertise your videos on websites. Viboom only uses Google Ads and IS NOT a cheap click farm that gives you N views without likes/dislikes and other interactions.

Viboom brings real audiences to your YouTube videos

Viboom YouTube services only bring real people as audiences. So, your video is naturally offered as “the next” video, and Google verifies that. After boosts by Viboom, YouTube’s algorithm notices your content and starts offering it more because you already have interested users who react to your videos. As a result, creators can receive around 25-30% (sometimes more) of viral views and, accordingly, interactions. 

While Viboom promises likes, it mostly guarantees your YouTube video’s visibility. People who watch your videos decide if they like, dislike, or ignore them. So, many people may watch your video but proceed to the next without interacting, while a smaller number will subscribe for new content. 

NOTE!!! That I’ve just mentioned is important because YouTube can suspend accounts that use unfair techniques for promotion. That was my mistake as well. Before finding Viboom, I tried 7 other services that used bots. I didn’t pay attention and bought their YouTube video promotion services to get 10K views in total. Nothing more. 10K views and that was it. No likes. No dislikes. Of course, no comments. My channel activity had been NULL for two months after that, and I deleted it. So, I do not recommend any services that use bots for “YouTube channel promotion.”

What Viboom promotes (and how)

VIBOOM - Promotion

While focusing on YouTube, the service can also work with videos for Vimeo. Regarding YouTube video promotion, the agency can advertise your regular videos and boost your streams. 

You can ask for

  • Music video advertisement
  • YouTube gaming videos promotion (streams and letsplays)
  • YouTube vlogging and blogging promotion
  • Make-up & Beauty video promotion 
  • YouTube promotion of reviews and unboxing vids
  • Fitness & Health YouTube channels, etc. 

Viboom YouTube promotion site may also work with politics-centered things, educational channels, tutorials, and pretty much any other content type. 

The agency targets a region where your top-priority audience lives. Clients must choose countries where they want campaigns to run, and that is it. The service then uses Google Ads to make your content visible. 

The campaign lasts as long as needed until your order is fulfilled. For example, you buy 10K views, and Viboom cannot bring that to you in one week. Your specialists will try another tactic and region to find your audience. It might take a while, but you get what you have paid for. 

What about the price-success ratio? 

Viboom is the best YouTube video promotion service for me despite being much cheaper than other sites I’ve tried. Also, a discount system lets you pay MUCH less when you order more view volumes. Here is what the support has explained to me: 

  • All views are $0.03, but the minimum order is $30 
  • You get 10% off if you order 5K views or more 
  • 20% off if you order 20K views or more 
  • 25% off when you want 35K views and more.

In late March 2023, I ordered 35,200 views and paid a bit more than $790 (€722,19). Did not care for likes and comments. 

In 6 days, I got

  • 37,488 views (Viboom brought 37,416)
  • 278 likes (there were 3 before my campaign started)
  • 13 comments (I had 0 before that)
  • + 200 subscribers. 


VIBOOM - Proof Promotion

That is legit what you can get in less than a WEEK. 

Of course, you do not pay for additional views that come organically. You only pay for the initial order. So, if you purchase 20K views and your video has 400K next month, you do not pay for all those other YouTube channel visitors. You also never pay additionally for views you get on other videos because real people just go and watch it. Viboom stops your campaign when you reach your desired number, but the algorithm continues functioning. 

How to order Viboom YouTube video promotion

how viboom works

Four steps are enough to start your ascension to the search engine’s top on YouTube. Here is how you do that: 

1. Register 

Just create an account. That is a standard procedure for all services. Without registration, Viboom cannot help you. Moreover, you will have to pay for the service, so using it without entering any data isn’t possible. 

viboom sign up

2. Pick a video you want to be promoted and the number of views 

Choose any of your songs, vlogs, letsplays, etc., and give Viboom a link. The agency will prioritize this particular piece, but you still boost your whole channel because real people will interact with it. So they may proceed to your other videos and interact with your content. 

Then specify how many views you want Viboom video promotion campaigns to bring. You can ask for up to 99,999 views, but I suggest buying less because even an average advertisement boost is enough to make your content perfectly visible. 

Use this panel and toggle to order a specific number of views: 


3. Choose a country/region

I was surprised your video might rank way better in a certain region. A Viboom video promotion specialist advised trying to reach an audience in the EU and the UK, and I went for it because I had low expectations (didn’t care). My song was in English, and I expected viewers from America instantly. 

Location choice is SUPER important because there might be lower competition, region-specific ads, and other perks that easily make YouTube videos more visible. 


4. Pay, start your campaign, and track your results 

After placing an order, pay; then your video waits for Google’s approval, and the campaign starts. It might take a day or two. So, do not expect a five-digit number of views on the first day. 

You can use YouTube analytics to check general performance, but I mostly use Viboom’s console because I can verify they have fulfilled my order. 

What Are Viboom’s Benefits? 👍

Besides being a great tool for YouTube videos promotion, Viboom has several additional benefits that make it a better alternative to other services. 

Good specialists 

I’ve had bad and mediocre experiences with other services, and Viboom is light among this darkness. Exaggerations aside, I like how advertisers take their time to explain why this and that stat matters, why I should consider another region, how my videos can be promoted better in some niches, etc. Their customer support has been nice to me too. 

No hidden payments 

You only pay for what you order. The sole hidden fee might occur when you pay, and banks take a commission. Their payment system is transparent and solid, although I needed time to find payment info. 

Fast order completion 

One week is enough to boost your video greatly. For me, it is always 5-7 days to get 30K views and many likes. 

It is easy to stay on a budget 

Viboom video ad campaigns are cheap if we compare them to others. I spent over $4K on other services that gave me almost zero results and a risk of being blocked permanently. This one? A tight budget allows you to attract viewers, gain followers, and sustain that. If you want to be a small local YouTube celebrity with a nice and cozy audience, the minimum pay for Viboom services lets you attain that. 

For example, my account is small, and I don’t dream of Ashnikko’s success. Still, I appreciate every subscriber and love seeing their supportive comments. One “slay” from a subscriber is much more relevant than numbers. So, you can attain great activity for minimum pay, and the algorithm will do its work later. 

How Did I Find Viboom? 🔍

Trust Pilot

Reviews about the agency on Trustpilot 

Finding this service was a literal miracle. Despite doing a good job promoting others, they don’t have many comments and reviews. 

I was googling YouTube channel advertising platforms and found a long post about ten or fifteen services. The Viboom review was #5 or smth, and all other options were too expensive or significantly worse in theory. I then looked for any good Viboom review and found only some on TrustPilot, while SiteJabber gave me zero materials. 

Going for browser reviews didn’t help. So, I was reading one big Viboom review after another, and they confused me. Like, one post says it’s okay, and the next says this is a click farm and a scam. 

Yeah, well. Whatever. 

I then scanned the site and had doubts because it had (and has) only two reviews and minimum information. Still tried. Was successful. Am happy. 

Although, Consider This Before Using Viboom ⚠️

Even though my Viboom review is mostly positive, I do not want anyone to have inflated expectations. This Youtube video advertisement service IS NOT IDEAL. So. 

Your vid will not be at the top instantly 

Customer support explained that no video could be successfully promoted in the shortest terms. As a rule, making your content visible takes around a week. Some high-volume orders might take a month or more to reach audiences. Furthermore, it takes analysis, audience checks, and other tasks to find the most optimal way to promote YouTube videos for you. 

Interactions are not always what you anticipate 

You may expect a ton of likes after buying ads. Yet, Viboom does not use bots that “come” and like your videos. Your content is seen by real people who might think “meh,” hate your content or despise your entire existence for no reason. There can be dislikes and bad comments because people tend to be mean on the Internet. That isn’t Viboom bringing toxic viewers. Those toxic viewers may merely follow an ad. 

Also, content is the main part of your campaign 

A 144p nonsense video will not be successful unless it is meme-level cringe or about aliens. Your content will only be noticed when it is good, has high quality, and has a consistent style. Not like I’m an expert with my 584 subscribers now, but yk, objectively bad videos have 3 likes and 0 comments even after a long promotion campaign. And I made this mistake, too, so I’m not being judgemental. It is how it is. 

Final Words 😌

My experience with this service is only one case, but I believe there are other stories with good ends and bad ones. I hope this Viboom review answers at least some of your questions. Also, I hope to see your videos in “recommended” soon. Best of luck, and may the YouTube algorithm favor both of us!

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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